Cato replacing Glenn

Not a big surprise. Cato showed promise at first. Al's should run with him and see what he's got.

I agree. Glenn is definitely not the QB of the future.

Hard to hang the Als record on Glenn, but he certainly hasn't helped them overcome their weaknesses. Time to see what Cato and some other youngsters can do.

Exactly ... he was brought in to settle the QB situation down and keep the team competitive and in th eplayoff hunt.

Project failed.

Any interception Glenn throws and sack he takes is just water off his back and just an interception or sack.
Any interception Cato throws and sack he takes is a learning opportunity, with the chnace that he will get better.
Glenn is what he is and will not "develop" into anything else.

Cato freaks out on Carter at practice!

[b][i]"During the Labour Day workout at Stade Hébert, Cato lost his cool with receiver Duron Carter while the offence was on the sideline and Carter was seated on a bench. While the two never came close to fisticuffs, both offensive co-ordinator Anthony Calvillo and Kevin Glenn — the man Cato will replace at quarterback Friday at British Columbia — did their best to calm him down.

“I’m tired of all this talking,? Cato was heard shouting. “You guys always let it slide.?

Cato then walked towards the north-side end zone for several minutes while practice continued. When offensive drills were run, rookie Vernon Adams practiced with the starters. Cato eventually made his way back"[/i][/b]

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Glenn is a super nice guy but in all seriousness I truly believe he is past his best before date. Jim Popp has had difficulty finding the right guy to replace AC! Maybe get AC to find the guy and work with him. Now is the time to do it.

I still believe Adams is the future. But then what do I know.:slight_smile:

He could be, but it's a good move not to throw him into action in his first CFL season. At least allow him to develop a bit riding the pine.

'Bout time is all I gotta say.

Apart from short yardage, Adams has been nothing to write home about. Guy has had trouble just taking a clean snap out of shotgun -- two fumbles recovered for huge losses. He's in no way ready to start. This should be Cato's team for the rest of the season, barring injury.

Can't believe they are going to sit a bad second string QB for a bad third string QB.

Read on another topic that a top QB from another team could be coming for a FIRST ROUND CANADIAN draft pick???
Good QB would be worth 20 draft picks and big cash. How about a few maybe 5 new coaches. With coaching experience?