Cato and other vets to get the axe?

I hope if Cato is moved, its at least for something. The melon heads are all excited and think they will pick him up for nothing. Would be crazy for him to end up exactly where he didn’t want to go in the first place.

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The day I was there, the sessions were 1 on 1 and 7 on 7 drills. No huddle, no scrimmage … so there wasn’t much to see about demeanor.

Cato was sharp, delivered all his passes accurately. Threw deep balls and mid-range passes into tight space. I didn’t see evidence of tension on the field or among the players. Chapdelaine was on the field running the drills, and Calvillo and Popp were off the field, evaluating. There was 1 brief incident where Cato complained out loud about reps, but I didn’t think much of it at the time. Maybe it was significant and upset someone, I have no idea. Was over in 1 second, and the drills continued.

The only QB who was schooled by Chapdelaine was Bridge, who made completions but missed the precise timing window called for by the play. The other QBs made their throws and Chapdelaine was quiet.

If something serious was brewing, and related to a long term issue (as you discuss in your earlier comments), it appears that the Als chose to surface it after the Adams signing - when the team had more leverage.

Let’s see how this plays out.

Based on what you saw Cato is still ahead of Bridge...This is so frustrating.

Hey Thanks ! :thup:

You can get a headache trying to interpret the Cato situation. Like RougeMe says we`ll just have to wait to see how it plays out.

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And speaking of headaches , it looks like Crompton will be around for at least a little while.

Merci de ce témoignage qui a l'avantage d'être de première main.

Cato n'est pas encore parti, le camp commence officiellement dimanche vraisemblablement sous le soleil et c'est probablement là que nous saurons vraiment de quoi il en retourne s'il est toujours avec l'équipe à ce moment-là. Si Cato ne trouve pas preneur, je vois mal ce que ça ajouterait de le laisser de côté lui plutôt que Boyd ou un autre noble inconnu.

What that press conference did say is that the Als still want Crompton on the roster and Cato will be moved if Popp can make a trade but he has no intention to cut a QB who's won games last year. Pretty clear that if KG goes down and chances are he will at some point the team will be in the hands of Adams or Bridge until Crompton comes back. Its really crazy that five years after Calvillo has retired we still have not made any progress at the QB position. Let's hope they fare better this year.

Cato n'est pas encore parti.

« On se dirige vers la première partie avec trois gars avec lesquels nous sommes à l’aise », a présenté Popp sans citer Cato.

Agreed, but let's not exaggerate. Calvillo retired at the end of 2013. It's been about 2.5 years since his retirement, not 5.

How about this: :roll:

Herb Zurkowsky ?@HerbZurkowsky1 27m27 minutes ago
Even if #Als' QB Rakeem Cato isn't traded or released, I'm told he has lost his passport - making it difficult for him to report to camp.

Lost as in misplaced or lost as in taken away by a judge... This actually makes things simpler for Popp. He can just suspend Cato until this crap gets resolved. This could be a ploy by him and his agent for Cato not to report to camp too.

Here's the dilemma with Cato that really bothers me.

There are definitely reasons on paper for Cato to be released that we've discussed. Refusal to train properly (bulk up), no interest in communicating with the tea, going AWOL last year without explanation, no evidence that he's willing to buckle down and learn. And this passport thing, if true, makes me question his basic intelligence. Like, dude, stop running down NFL QBs on social media, be an adult, and HAVE YOUR DAMN PASSPORT when it's time for you to travel. Life skill fail here, lol.


Every year for the past three years, we've had trouble or drama in the offseason and into training camp that appeared to be player-related, but later (once X coaches were fired), turned out to be due to coach incompetence. For example, last year, it came out after the fact that Schonert was unwilling to take advice from his coaching staff and didn't have a good relationship with the players. Did we hear any of this in training camp? No, we did not, just like it looked like John Bowman was washed up until Higgins was fired, Popp came in, and Bowman went on to lead the league in sacks. :roll:

Right now, I am choosing to believe that the org has learned the lessons of history, that it won't throw good players under the bus to suit the whims of coaches, and that Cato's fall from grace is merited. But the onus, over the season, will be on the coaches and GM to show me that they're making the right moves. They have no prior track record to reassure me so they haven't won my trust yet. I'm hoping they know what they're doing, and praying I won't be let down, as I've been let down since Trestman left.

Get this right, Jim. If you fail this year, you could be done with the Alouettes.

Some quick googling shows a lost passport can be replaced in 8 days or less. We don`t know when Cato lost it.

"To replace a lost or stolen passport
If you are in the United States and are traveling in 2 weeks or less:

Make an appointment to apply in person at a Passport Agency or Center to replace your passport in 8 business days or less (based on need, some restrictions apply)."

And where the heck is Cato`s agent in all this!

Maybe he doesn’t have one anymore, could you blame him ?

Et puis quoi, encore? :roll:

Je ne sais pas pourquoi il pense que bouder l’aiderait, mais s’il ne “retrouve” pas son passeport très bientôt, il n’aura pas trouvé meilleure façon de se tirer dans le pied. Si son passeport est encore actif, il peut en ravoir un en moins d’une semaine…

This is getting bizarre. . .

If Popp doesnt try to get Cato through the Vermont border in the trunk of his car then we know Cato doesnt fit in the team`s plans.

Or at least, that Cato doesn't fit into the trunk of his car. :smiley:

[i]Oh geez! Johnny was hoping that the aura of "not caring" that surrounds Cato was overblown. How can he lose his passport?! Reapply for a new one ASAP if that's the case! :roll:

A guy like Tanner Marsh got 3 seasons to prove he was not good enough. Crompton got 2 and counting... Cato is the best we've seen since Calvillo retired, and he is driving himself off the team after only 1 season.

So discouraging... :frowning: [/i]

And he SHOULD BE! :cowboy: