Cato and other vets to get the axe?

Am told QB Rakeem Cato might be one of a number of #Als' veterans released this week. Team tried trading him recently.

From Herb...

Basically Glenn goes down were done.

Not surprised the Als were shopping Cato around especially with him being a small qb like Adams. I am surprised though there were no takers. Now it makes more sense why Cato yesterday posted something about him not being afraid of fighting from the bottom of the depth chart.

This is so depressing. Such a talented young man but his head isn't in the game.

Only reason they would give up on him is Because be showed no interest during the off season.

This also increases the possibility of (sigh) Crompton sticking around. :frowning:

After his hit in mid-season against the Tiger-Cats, Rakeem Cato was no longer the same.

Always a danger in releasing him, but they can't keep all QB's. Crompton will be on the 6 game injured list.


Logically, it would make sense for the Als to have Cato and Adams compete at TC for the #2 and heir apparent role. Have the coaches push them both to elevate their preparation and execution, and make them both understand that advancement isn't an "automatic".

If there is any possibility that Cato gets shipped out or released before TC ... then it indicates that something is seriously flawed in his relationship with coaches or teammates. We'll probably never know the facts.

I'm hoping this is just the rumor mill churning out hypothetical drama ......

Can't believe we'll can Cato and keep Crompton...

I know. This will really sting if true.


I'm thinking, based on what I've read over the past year or so, that there is some question of whether or not Cato has the right attitude. Mind you, I'm not impressed with Crompton's blame-everyone-except-myself attitude.

I suppose I can live with Glenn, Bridge, and Adams.

From the Herb Zurkowsky article today, I get the impression that Adams is not yet ready to compete for an active roster spot. It would not surprise me if the Als end up starting the season with him on the 1-game injured list until they feel he is ready for live snaps. Article says when he is ready to play is dependent on how fast he learns the system.

Didier Orméjuste said that the Als want to trade Cato before training camp opens. Sure sounds to me like the Als want to get rid of him so they are not to forced to cut someone else. This to me also pretty much squashes any hope that Cato will somehow remain an Alouette.

As for the reason why, my feeling it is nothing personal. Instead, they just have no faith Cato will ever have that whatever trait the Als look for when the team evaluates quarterbacks.

Easy for the media to say that Cato will be traded or the Alouettes tried to trade him, but which team can be interested. Definitely not the Eastern teams,nor the Lions,Eskimos, Blue Bombers and the Stampeders. Saskatchewan only possibility for me. Then, why would they trade knowing that the Als don't want him.

Hope they keep him at least for the training camp.

If Adams is not ready and it's a strong possibility, I say that he will be added/transferred to 6-game injured list.


Here is my take on this. Popp offered Cato to the Lions as part of the Adams trade. That doesn't mean he's actively trying to trade him...

Als told Medlock they plan to carry six quarterbacks so at this point who knows. I think Popp's had to look at a lot of guys who's salaries have crept up and who their coordinators don't "plan" to use as starters.

I think Brouillette explained it the most eloquently. When he said that Popp was re-allocating some money to improve the offense.

Peut-être qu'il pourrait intéresser les Argonauts considérant que Ray et McPherson ne rajeunissent pas et que leurs autres substituts n'ont pas montré grand chose, mais tous ces quarts sont de grands bonshommes, ce qui n'est certainement pas le cas de Cato.

La question que ça soulève est vraiment si Cato veut s'investir dans sa carrière professionnelle. Il y a quelque chose qu'il n'a pas fait depuis qu'il s'est remis de sa commotion cérébrale qui amène les Alouettes à penser que ce ne sera pas sa dernière. Dickenson, Pierce, Lulay, Chapdelaine en a vu de ces quarts sur le carreau...

Il semble donc que la recherche du successeur de Glenn ne passera pas par Cato et que le champ est plus libre pour les Adams et Boyd de ce monde.

Disagree. I think it is absolutely personal. Except for height and weight, Cato has all the physical tools. He can make all the throws, he's intelligent in the pocket, he's an accurate, high-percentage thrower, and he did things last year for us that no QB has done for us since Anthony Calvillo. So for him to be trade bait means it is definitely personal. The team is clearly not impressed with his attitude, his unwillingness to commit to the team in the offseason, or something else we know nothing about. This is personal and specific to Cato.

Very sad to see such a talented young man squander his opportunity.

D'autant plus vrai qu'il n'a pas meilleure opportunité dans la LCF pour se faire une place.

We don't know this guy at all. He had an opportunity last season to take the job. Instead he went MIA for a month or more ! We haven't heard boo from him all off season, except for him working out with an NFL squad. This guy has shown zero respect to the fans of this team or at the very least he's shown zero motivation. So talent may let you take flight but the attitude will determine the altitude.

If the Als want him gone before camp it is because he's shown zero interest in his team during the off season or they'd bring him in to compete.

Yep. He dug his own grave here. With the uncertainty at QB, he had a golden opportunity to take control of his career and all he had to do was show the team he was committed. No other team in the league will give him a better chance to win a starter's job.

You compare Cato with a guy like Adams who understands exactly what he's been given and the contrast is striking.

This Cato cut/trade rumor is disturbing. Some unknown issue, so egregious that no other team would consider a trade? Hard to swallow, considering the talent. Unsettling to see a kid from the wrong side of the tracks blow up a career. He'll end up throwing balls in arenas for $800 a game, hoping for the phone to ring.

This probably raises Tajh Boyd's (and Brandon Bridge's) stock in the battle for the #2 spot with Adams. Let's all hope that Kevin Glenn stays healthy and productive long enough to give these rookies the time to prepare.

I watched Medlock for 1 session at the Florida mini-camp. Big strong kid who can throw the ball a mile, but I didn't see a finesse passer at that point in time. He reminded me of Tanner Marsh - maybe he's potentially the short yardage QB if Bridge can't master this aspect of his game.

Was Cato at mini-camp and if so what was his demeanor ?