Cato and Carter at it again

Didier Orméjuste
Rakeem Cato just had verbal altercations with Kenny Stafford and then with Duron Carter. Cato just shoved Carter. #Alouettes @CFL

Not sure if this is showing leadership or not?

Nonstory IMO. Ormejuste and that crew are circling the team like vultures. Stuff like this happens at practice, especially when you're losing. Cato's a fiery guy.

I honestly feel like the Alouettes are losing the sense of being a team, a guy like Carter who seems to feel like he is above the team or at least some of his actions seem to portray this, is absolutely toxic in a locker room. Obviously have no context to what exactly happened but Cato seems like a fiery guy this doesn't surprise me at all. Things seem to be spiralling out of control though, Popp never should have stayed as HC this year, it is like he is planning his own funeral at this point.

Well here is the footage so everyone can judge for themselves but personally I would never have a clown like Carter on my team ever. No matter how talented he might be he is nothing but a pure cancer in and around the locker room and his me first and only attitude is one of the main reasons that this Alouette team is totally in the dumpster this season.

Check out Carter's body language here, to me it speaks volumes about his self importance and worth and his over inflated ego. He looks like he thinks it's a big joke as he saunters away. Believe me the faster the Al's get rid of this guy the better off they will be as a team and organisation.

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What a train wreck this is. Sure Glenn is smiling looking in the rear view mirror

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Followed by more trouble as Cato is escorted out of #AlsMTL practice & facility. #CFL #LCF

This may be a little deeper than you think

There is a video of it here.

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Joey Alfieri ?@joeyalfieri 49m49 minutes ago
Cato-Stafford just got in each other's face pretty good #Alouettes

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Rakeem Cato is HOT. Not happy with Kenny Stafford. They got in each other's face. Cato is FUMING

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Cato escorted into the locker room area by Kavis Reed #Alouettes

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Cato comes out of locker room, still having words with Stafford and Carter. Cato now being spoken to by Bowman, Deslauriers and Reed

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Cato says he's been disrespected by both Carter and Stafford #Alouettes

Damn, hard to really make out what actually happened from that clip but Cato was HOT, looked like he tried to take a swing at Carter. Really looked like Carter was trying to diffuse the situation that apparently occurred between Stafford and Cato but then ended up getting chewed out by Cato too.

Who knows what was or has been said prior to this, but Cato definitely looked right pissed off.

Funny.... He's never at odds with Nick Lewis, or Sutton. Just the azz clowns.

If he thinks he is being disrespected now, wait until he hears what Simoni Lawrence is going to say to him on Friday!

Joey Alfieri ?@joeyalfieri 5m5 minutes ago
Cato says he's been disrespected by both Carter and Stafford #Alouettes

I’m with Cato. About time someone is honest about what goes on that team.

Stafford is an idiot. Honestly, he's on the team because he's Duron Carter's cousin and that's the problem. What has this guy done for us this year? Nothing.

From the clips, it looks like Cato's beef was with Stafford. Carter only got it because he tried to calm things down.

Now we know why Hervey didn't blink an eye when Stafford hit free agency.

Yup it certainly looks like the inmates are running the asylum in Montreal and the warden Popp is allowing it to happen.
It's going to be interesting indeed to see how Cato performs as the starter when two of his main targets are the class clowns and goof offs in school. It's a sad situation in Mtl to be sure and it seems to be just getting sadder and sadder by the minute for this once proud and cornerstone franchise of the league.

Stafford shouldn't be talking. The receiving corps to me is Carter, Lewis, Giguere, and Cunningham, with Stafford as the fifth man in five-receiver sets. He was not missed in the least when he was injured. And these altercations have happened only since he returned. He creates a clique with cousin Carter that is not good for the team.

As I said before, though, what disappoints me is that neither Calvillo nor Popp were around to enforce order and get a handle on the situation. Why is Reed, the special teams coach, being forced to control a situation involving offensive players?

Popp should cut all three. Cato isn't the answer at QB anyway IMO, and seems to get heated when things don't go his way. I still remember him getting into it with Calvillo last season, when he wasn't playing well.

Carter is a nuisance, talented no question, but a nuisance that isn't needed. Stafford IMO, isn't very good, so if he's not producing and causing problems as well, so why keep him ?

I'd love to have a beer with Cato, Lewis and Perrett and hear what they have to say.

This is what happens when your GM goes through early andropose and his nuts shrink.

Players were being quoted anonymously as having tuned Popp out and the lack of discipline is only growing. This is why your head coach, in today's day and age, cannot be a hands-off delegator. He needs to be in the trenches in all phases, getting his hands dirty.

Yeah, Popp has no control over his players. Still remember Popp going over to Carter, asking him to calm down, because "we need you" after the Campbell bumb and flop. The inmates are running the asylum so to speak, and Calvillo is in way over his head as OC. Should've put Cavillo back as wr's coach or QB coach and assistant OC to Chapdelaine when they hired him.

This whole Montreal fiasco is due to the Als trying to fast track Cavillo for the future head coach. Alienated their DC last year to the point he tried to bolt.

Finding a coach to replace Popp may be difficult as it will probably come with the caveat that Cavillo remains OC. Hope they get this straightened out in the off season, and they get Popp back up in the GM role he is more suited for.

K, seriously. At this point with this, and Nik Lewis’s comments you have lost the locker room as a coach if this kind of thing is spilling out into the public and Popp is showing bad actions have no consequences. Cato takes over and Popp trades away Kevin Glenn (who might have wanted to get away from this poison) after the last altercation. Carter bumps an opposition coach, gets ejected, certainly helps to cost the Als two games and follows that up with two QB altercations, with no consequences.

Seriously, ownership needs to be looking for a new coach now and need to step up and remove Popp from the coaching portion of his role, if not any position that deals with on field management, the second the Als are mathematically eliminated from contention so a new coach can start your rebuilding process sooner rather then later. If Popp can’t see his need to step back, he’s part of the problem.

Carter is showing exactly why he was cut from the NFL. There’s more to a good player then good on field skills, and locker room drama like this can be poison to a team. As a coach, if you can’t reign a player in when this kind of thing happens, you’ll kill your team unity and thus your team.

Edit: Given Stafford was apparently more involved in this incident, I’ll give a bit more slack to Carter, but regardless given this is the 4th-5th player to be involved in the media for discipline issues (Carter, Cato, Stafford, Lewis and arguably Michael Sam) Popp seems the one to shoulder blame here.