Catherine Raîche et Joe Mack

L'embauche des adjoints de Kavis Reed est un pas dans la bonne direction, tout dépendant de la latitude que ce dernier leur laissera.

Dans le cas de Catherine Raîche, elle était une étoile montante au sein de l'équipe et elle a gagné ses galons. Elle gérera surtout les aspects administratifs de la fonction de DG, ce qui libérera de la place dans l'agenda de Kavis pour se consacrer aux enjeux de football. On lit dans le communiqué qu'elle a été impliquée dans la gestion du plafond salarial. Je ne sais pas dans quelle mesure elle y a performé, mais avec toutes les rumeurs (fondées ou non) à l'effet que les Alouettes avaient des problèmes dans la gestion de ce plafond, il est à souhaiter que pour la suite des choses, les doutes semés à ce sujet seront dissipés. Quoiqu'il en soit les Alouettes n'ont toujours pas été mis à l'amende pour avoir excédé ce plafond, aussi doit-on considérer que ces rumeurs étaient finalement sans fondement profond, et que Catherine Raîche a su impressionner l'administration dans son apport de ce côté.

Pour ce qui est de Joe Mack, je crois que c'est une relativement bonne embauche à ce moment-ci. Reed n'a pas un gros réseau de contacts et de dépistage aux USA, aussi l'adjonction de celui de Mack lui permettra de gagner du temps dans le développement de son réseau. Je rejoins notre ami D&P sur ce point. Cela dit, il ne faudra pas que Kavis donne trop de place à Mack dans son travail non plus. S'il a su trouver plusieurs joueurs de qualité, surtout à la défensive, son passage à Winnipeg n'a pas été un succès retentissant. Reed devra se garder beaucoup d'autonomie décisionnelle et je dirais tenir compte de l'opinion de Jacques Chapdelaine dans l'évaluation des joueurs à embaucher ou ne pas embaucher. Je me pose également la question du développement du système de dépistage au Canada. Jean-Marc Edmé est maintenant à Ottawa, et je demeure un peu sceptique sur la qualité de cette unité actuellement. Le prochain repêchage devrait nous en dire plus à ce sujet.

Cette embauche témoigne toutefois du fait que la structure administrative est mieux structurée que celle qu'elle remplace. Normalement, ça devrait porter ses fruits.

Il demeure que la confirmation du personnel d'entraîneurs va commencer à presser car il y a beaucoup de contrats à renouveler, et des agents libres à engager. Ce sera plus difficile de le faire si le personnel d'entraîneurs n'est pas officiel. Ça fait 3 semaines qu'on nous dit qu'une annonce à ce sujet sera faite "bientôt". Bientôt, c'est devenu maintenant.

I think these are two good hires who complement each other nicely. Mack has the experience and the connections down south. Raiche has the fire, business intelligence, and drive. I'm much less worried about inexperience than some here. Everybody has to start somewhere. Even the greatest GMs of the league were, at one time, neophytes. You learn on the job and go from there.

What I like too is that Reed is surrounding himself with different kinds of football people. He isn't building an echo chamber, and that's a good thing.

Chapdelaine said the coaches would be meeting in Mtl. the end of Jan. so I expect the announcement to be made by Friday.

As for National scouting, I think Reed will be relying on Eric Deslauriers. Reed mentioned last week in one of his interviews that he has been working Deslauriers very hard, and Deslauriers has a new title on the website - National Scouting Analyst. He lacks experience, but I guess we have to give him a chance.

The same scouts as last year remain on the website, but with the arrival of Mack there could be changes.

:thup: :thup:

Don't forget that Okeke is still assistant scout or something like that. As sheldon said, pretty much all of the scouts and other admin people are being retained. Mack may make a few changes, but I highly doubt there will be a wholesale purge.

Ce n’est pas tellement ça comme le fait que je trouve que la qualité des repêchages a tranquillement baissé depuis 2011. Là où ils étaient relativement forts, il me semble qu’ils ont lentement mais constamment régressé. Pour une monter une équipe de premier plan, la qualité des joueurs canadiens est critique. Les Alouettes doivent retrouver le niveau d’excellence qu’ils avaient à ce chapitre, avec ou sans le personnel en place.

Can you explain why you think Canadian drafting has declined since 2011? Seems to me that we still have a strong stable of national players. What we've done with our Canadian talent hasn't always been great, but that speaks to coaching, not drafting. A guy like Gagnon was able to step into a starter's role as a rookie on a troubled O-line last year; Shorthill seems poised to take the next step.

C'est avant tout une impression et lorsque je pourrai y consacrer plus de temps, je pourrai mieux voir si cette impression est juste ou pas. Mais elle tient au fait que de repêchage en repêchage, il me semble qu'un nombre de décroissant de joueurs canadiens des Alouettes ont réussi à se tailler un poste de partant rapidement.

Here`s a bit of what Raiche will be doing from the Gazette (Bill Beacon, not Herb):

[i][b]Raiche put a promising career in corporate and tax law on hold when she joined the Alouettes in 2015. As co-ordinator of football administration last season, her duties included tracking the salary cap, negotiating contracts and handling team travel.

In her new position, she'll delegate the travel work and be more involved in contracts and cap management as well as attending league meetings and overseeing various departments.

She won't only handle the business side of things.

"I was at the Shrine Bowl, I'm involved in the draft," she said. "I'll do some scouting as well, but my main focus will be on the day to day operations.

"It's just part of it. When you start meeting with the scouts, they talk about players, who they want to sign, how much you want to pay that guy, so you need to know your football. You need to be out there, to make contacts and to see players. So I will definitely be out there as well, but not as much as a scout."[/b][/i]

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2 assistant GMs. Awesome! :rockin:

Johnny shall call them "Beauty and the Mack"

:D [/i]

Johnny tried finding a picture of Mack in which he doesn't look smug. Mission impossible!

She seems like a smart, motivated person. I don't know how any of this will turn out but I'm happy to see Reed giving good people a chance to prove themselves. :thup:

From Herb`s story:

[b][i]“I appreciated my time there and the support we had. Sometimes things, for whatever reason — happenstance or injuries — don’t go well. Anyone in this business understands that,? Mack, 62, said in a telephone interview from Mobile, Ala., where he and Reed are scouting players at the Senior Bowl.

Mack may well have been miscast as a GM. His Canadian college drafts were viewed as a nightmare and he didn’t allow Paul LaPolice the freedom to become a good head coach. As well, the fact Mack spent much of his time working from his home base, in Charlotte, N.C., rubbed many of the team’s supporters, and Winnipeg media, the wrong way.

But if there was one thing Mack was competent at, it was finding American talent, including Jonathan Hefney and Chris Matthews. And that will be his primary role with the Als.

Mack and Reed worked together in Winnipeg. It was Reed who made the initial overture about hiring Mack this time. Mack already has re-organized the team’s negotiation list, according to Reed. And the team has started signing players he recommended.[/i][/b]

Mack won’t go at this alone. Reed expects to retain the Als’ U.S.-based scouts. Mack will speak to coaches and agents, pouring through the team’s extensive database seeking a diamond in the rough.

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And some welcome music:

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About what I expected. Mack isn't in control of things. His job is to bird-dog international talent and he's actually pretty good at it. He wasn't cut out to be a CFL GM but this player personnel role is right up his alley. He can leverage all his connections for Kavis's benefit. :thup:

[i]Yup. Some guys on the main forum are laughing because we hired Mack. Yes, Mack was a (huge) failure as a GM. But, he is perfect in this role and should excel.

The man has a "rolodex" of contacts in the US that is substantial. [/i]

I'm laughing too :lol:

Proof will be in the pudding as they say. I expect very little, "bird dogging" requires a guy to be a travelling salesman most of the year and this guy by his own words and reputation will not do that for us. What we got here is a guy who'll work the phones a couple hours a day Dass it ! Is what I expect.

[i]Well if he doesn't work and is lazy, you can be assured Johnny will start a thread with the words "Fire" and "Joe" and "Mack" in record time!

After all, Johnny did create this thread in tribute to Mack :smiley: [/i]


As Durant's contract is to Richard, Joe Mack is to you. :wink: :wink: :wink: Climb in off the ledge, Hfx! You have so much to live for.

Seriously, though, this is an instance where Mack being based in the US will help us. He's not the GM, he's the assistant. Let him leverage whatever connections he has south of the border to bring talent up to us. Kavis isn't stupid and he knows that his GM career will be short-lived if he can't make his assistants earn their paychecks. Also, I strongly suspect that Kavis knows exactly what Mack is and isn't. He's using Mack for his connections but not expecting much else, which is why Raiche is around and we're retaining the whole team of international scouts (Okeke, etc.).

If Mack can unearth a few diamonds in the rough and nothing else, how do we lose? He's not the GM. All he does is make recommendations to the GM.

Interesting article in the Globe and Mail on Catherine Raiche.

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