Catherine Raiche becomes highest ranking female personnel in NFL history

TORONTO — Catherine Raiche has become the highest ranking female in football personnel in NFL history when it was announced on Thursday that she was promoted to Vice President of Football Operations for the Philadelphia Eagles.

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Good for her and Philly. She must be very talented as her rise has been very rapid.

is now on par with Haley W. in her role with Maple Leafs.

She's come a long way. Maybe she can find a gig for Jim Popp who originally hired her.

Another interesting story with a Canadian connection is the lady who leads the NFL female diversity program, Sam Rapoport.

It was a good hire by Popp.

And he did it living in North Carolina. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hahaha. Yup I guess thats probably true or maybe on a drive by.

I do expect Popp to have an NFL job before too long.

Wasn't Popp hired as the assistant head coach and running back coach at Alabama State University .

yup he was

Hope she has a thick skin. She's going to get a lot of ' they only hired her cus she's a woman' from the rednecks down there

well so far you are the only one who has made that comment that I have read /heard so far

At the same time as Raiche, the Eagles had an even more non-traditional

You should have seen all the rude comments about Kim Ng when she got her job with the Marlins. The deplorables had a heyday

I don't think teams make their decisions based on pleasing deplorables. NFL now has 135 females in football operations positions.

wow. i had no idea it was so high

I probably should have given a source. It's from Peter King's weekly column in NBC Sports.

Women In Football

On Thursday, the Eagles promoted two women to major jobs: Catherine Raiche to VP of Football Operations, the highest scouting post a women has ever had in the NFL; and Ameena Soliman to pro scout. Soliman is believed to be the be the first Muslim woman to hold a full-time scouting position in NFL history. Jori Epstein wrote about the meteoric rise of women last week in USA Today and quoted Raiche as saying: “If you’re a student of the game, you’re a student of the game, regardless who you are. And that’s who I am. For the longest time, I feel like we’ve picked out of 50 percent of the pool. But if you open the pool to 100 percent, you may get really, really qualified candidates.”

The NFL’s senior director for diversity, equity and inclusion, Sam Rapoport, told Epstein there are now 135 women in in football operations league-wide. That’s an average of four per team working on the football side—either in scouting, coaching or analytics. Soliman and Raiche founded a group called NFL Women in Football Operations, and now 87 women share a WhatsApp messaging group, providing support and advice for all women in the pool.

I wrote recently that there are qualified women—I named NFL executive Dawn Aponte and former Raiders executive Amy Trask—who could (and should) be interviewed for NFL GM jobs. Now that Kim Ng has broken the ceiling by being named the Miami Marlins GM this year, I think it’s only a matter of time before real interviews and not fake ones take place with women. The rise of women will be something to watch in the next decade. Epstein’s story is worth your time.