Cathal Kelly - Globe and Mail Article

Since we talk about accuracies on this board . Kelly wrote in the National paper the Globe and Mail - title

Everyone loves the CFL except Toronto - It's time the league forgot about wooing Toronto

It's not the article's negativity it's the inaccuracies . This a national reporter writing like he just woke up from a dream .

He keeps telling the reader the Argos are purchased by MLSE .

He tells the reader that MLSE bid for the Buffalo Bills and MLSE bought them because the NFL said they had to keep the Argos afloat during the bid process.

These are common knowledge ; they are false .

The Argos were purchased by Tanenbaum and Bell NOT MLSE .

The bid process for the Bills was already done and lost when the sale went thru late #1 and #2 it was the Rogers family , Tanenbaum and Bon Jovi who bid on the Bills not MLSE .

So you have a writer who lives in Toronto and does not get the fundamentals right in a story that is going on his own backyard how can the CFL win .

If MLSE actually bought the Argos we probably wouldn't have had the Pizza Pizza story is the actual story he should have wrote .

That's the only article he's written on the CFL all year and it just the usual negativity. It gets boring.
Most of the stuff he said about the dying Argo's in Toronto could equally be applied to the dying Globe and Mail. Maybe the Globe and Mail should just pull the plug.

again a former toronto star reporter that thinks he speaks for everyone in toronto.

the globe must think this paper is a national treasure.I bring it unread from work as it is very good at starting fires and never has any advertising, he wrote mostly about the Jays. Nothing he writes is inspiring or relevant and that is why you have not heard of him before.

For his next job;

Cathal is currently working on his 2 year correspondence certificate in Journalism from Domer college in Alabama, a second chance inner city college. I understand that he has received an honorary mention as the student that works out at the gym twice a week so it sets him apart and makes him a perfect candidate for a Globe and Mail Sports reporter.

Good Luck Cathal.

Toronto cares about the Argos. Not many people realize that the Argos popularity was extremely high in the '70's 80's and better part of the '90s.

The problem was ownership and new habits for Argo fans not showing up to games.

Cathal Kelly is a pro-MLS, anti-CFL HACK!!! Always has been, always will be!!! Why even bring up this A##HOLE'S name??!!

that article proves how stupid people really are. bad education system in toronto.

all our countrys problems start in toronto. the nations branding experts are from TO, financial experts TO,etc everything that is wrong with society people move to Toronto

Cathal Kelly is just a hack - period. Never been impressed with any of his work in any sport.

I have no problem with what is written above. I also agree.

The Argos are now Tannen-Bell’s problem. BCE/TSN will not let them fold so why worry? I love my CFL and to heck with Toronto.

Exactly guys. The Argos are owned by the wealthiest group in CFL history. They made mistakes in year one but have also done good.

If they didn't host the Grey Cup this year allot of the black eyes we've been reading this week would be minimized and actually allot less unhappiness in the exsisting season ticket base.

Both entities have an incentive to a long term commitment.

On a side, I would really love it if the Mods here delete or merge of all these Argo off field threads together. There's more than enough of them.

Ironic isn't it? By far the most talked about CFL city/team on this forum is the city/team with the least amount of actual support.
Just easier to complain I guess.
See now I just complained....

Amen, MG.

I thought I was clear about why I spoke out about the article .

Again it was not about the negativity .

It was a writer for a National Paper who does not know who owns the Team he was writing about . He doesn’t know who bid on the Buffalo Bills . Doesn’t know when the sale for the Argos had taken place .

What I was trying to convey was that this man’s reach is far greater than this forum with false facts written by someone representing a National Paper with a [b]daily average readership circulation of 300,000 .

[/b]Maybe we need to lighten up on each other when someone is actually paid to write about the CFL without basic fact checking on material that is well known and gets it wrong which may or may not influence 300,000 readers who may not know he is wrong in his facts about the team and historical sale for both the Argos and the Buffalo Bills.

My last point was a better story would have been what if MLSE bought the Argos would it have made a difference yes or no ?

This is true. We need to get over the Argos' mess. BCE/TSN was given a 3 year extension to buy/own/run the Argos. That extension is worth more than enough to cover the Argos' losses for my lifetime.

Let's worry more about growing the game elsewhere.

I'm not surprised. Most sports writers don't even give the CFL a 2nd thought until Grey Cup.

Ever since Michael Landsberg had his TV show (Off the Record) Cathal has been stumbling around, trying to find work in the obvious places.

He's really not that desirable a commentator - hence he's floated around like a journalistic hobo.

But Catheter Kelly isn't the only one who over-dosed on the enormous air-time Landsberg doled out. There were quite a few more itinerant jobbers to be sure!

Crapal kelly is joke. A typical libtard that tries to make lies and false information into something that is true. This guy been doing this for years. F u crapal