TSN commentators mentioned how Wes Cates never got 1000 yards this year but really pulled up his game this year by makeing timely blocks for the passing game. Very frustrated how we couldnt make holes in the dline for him, great to see the plays he made in the last five min of game with the quick screen over the middle he still has great moves. We just need to get the ball in his hands on the other side of the line of scrimmage if we cant make the holes to make him more effective again. Tell me what you think, would love to pull a bunch of cates plays out of the hat next week to catch the Als off balance.

I totaly agree with your point we need some new tricks. its pretty much a waste of a down up the middle I say use screens to cates and when they do hand it off pitch it outside or sweep type plays ill admit take a page from calgary's running plays at least it will be more productive than what we have been producing on the run correct me if im wrong.

i was quite surprised that he was so quiet this year. how old is he? i was sure that couldnt be an issue...maybe an injury that hasnt been disclosed? either way good luck next sunday

it's not cates when he is in open field it's the same wes cates we just need different play calling and everything will fall into place

Cates was pretty pumped to finally get involved in the game a bit in the last quarter. Hopefully that carries over into next week.

Cates is 30. In running back years, that's old. Plus, he's coming off a broken foot (2007) and offseason shoulder surgery (2008). He's carried a big load for 3 full seasons, and it may be that some of the burst is not there anymore.

Cates is not making a big difference this year. yes he's great at blocking but WE need a running back that can bust through that line whenever we need it!

he's not very effective at this point of the season.

Cates is our back. We need him to beat Montreal so we need to call more plays to his strength.

The more football I watch the more I believe it's the schemes the offense runs. When you watch both Wes Cates and Stu Foord, there's pretty much no holes at all for them to run through. I don't believe our offensive line is that much worse than last year, they provide solid pass blocking. I think it's the running plays that Lapolice has in there.

You mean running play.

Cates stats are not flashy, but other teams factored him as a threat.

Parody amongst Western teams in 2009 is unmatched in CFL history ,and we would not be in the GREY CUP if our featured back was a dud.

Thanks for correcting me on that one, my bad :slight_smile:

if they can use him on different play calling and get him affective this could really help the Riders sunday, give them allot more options on offence, the screen play for sure needs to be used this sunday as there will be pressure on Durant.

Actually Wes’s performance on Sunday was one of the best of the season. He had a couple runs where he hit the holes with accelaration and gained good yardage. Also the catch and run he made on that screen play was spectacular - showing he’s still got it. We will need all he’s got in the Grey Cup - we’ll need the running/screen plays to be successful to keep the Al’s defense honest.