Cates not playing Sunday

I totally agree and Ranek is no slouch either

anybody see Wes Cates out there today? I don't think so? gee nobody believed me :frowning: maybe next week, wow are we banged up. Go RIDERS!

Well hopefully he's back next week as I believe Ranek suffered a concussion during the game. Holmes is just too small to get those tough yards.

Gee, did you see when people reported that he wasn't playing when the depth chart went up? That would be a source...:wink:

Man, I hate those damn draws they do whenever KJ isnt the one running...

If Cates is not ready for BC we might be in trouble…Even though he only made 1 catch (21 yards) I think Hughes should play more, he can catch, run, block and is actually pretty fast for a FB

I like Hughes very strong upper body and once he has his feet going he's hard to tackle, i think that hit that Ranek got when they did the fake field goal hurt him. wow he got his feet taken out from him.

Actually I think, correct me if I am wrong Ranek layed a haymaker block on a kickoff return but ended up getting the worst of it

Dentor yes your right i forgot about that hit ouch!

Although he got injured it was great to see that much effort out of someone who has only been a Rider for two weeks great job Ranek it was hard to see him on the bench hopefully he will be back vs. BC

This wasnt one of those things where you can come back after gameday and gloat dude. How about we just pronounce you eternally right? Sheesh. In the future....REFERENCE YOUR SOURCES!!! It wasnt tough to tell you were lying/speculating, you are horrible at it.


Gee thanks is that the credit i get, and I don't lie just got good contacts :slight_smile: