Cates not playing Sunday

Like i said Cates is not playing this sunday thats to bad and Zarka out also I guess Holmes will be busy Sunday

Got a link?

If Cates is out, Holmes won't be the only busy one...something tells me Ranek may be used more than originally thought, as well...

And it's spelled "Szarka"...:slight_smile:

Yea, I wouldnt be suprised or disapointed, but Im not entirely convinced that hes not playing. Wheres the evidence Riderfan23?


Yes Ranek and Holmes should be busy I hope Holmes is healthy, anyways Cates is out for Sunday and I hope our defence does not let us down and KJ use your legs buddy we have our best games when you do, i hate when he sits in the pocket he's not a great pocket passer

No link yet, huh?

All I've seen is that's it's a take 'er easy week for him, and that he's questionable.

Cates did not practice with the team on Thursday and Holmes and Ranek have been doing the playes, what I heard he is not playing, I hope he does but if he's not healthy then I have no problem with Ranek and Holmes filling in, they just might be the guys to do it.

The general rule is to not report something as definite, when you have no definitive source to back it up...I'm not thinking he'll play either, but I'm not about to say it's a for-sure thing, when I have no information to back it up, other than rumour.

I guess they are all Rumours until game day :slight_smile:

lol - that is true...or at least until the depth chart is up...:smiley:

I thought Kent said today or yesterday that Cates will rest until Sunday and will be a game time decision.

I sure hope Cadillac Cates playes this game. He is one heck of a runner, and pretty good as a blocker too.

I want him in more for his blocking ability then his running. I think we all know that we will win based on KJ, and having a back that can block is unmeasurable

Ya Ive been hearing from the newspaper and on the radio that cates is playing I mean nothing official but thats more proof than saying hes not playing

Hmmm well I've read the opsosite, we will find out come game day

Where man??? Show us with a link, or tell us what periodical(newspapers or magazines)???


I never give away my sources :slight_smile:

Gotta love rumours... lol

As of November 10th both Cates and Stancil are marked as injured on the depth chart for Sunday's game.

Ok there, Marty!

Cates or no Cates, we'll be fine. Better if he's in and 100-ish% but if he's not, Holmes has wheels.