Cates is no more

Well for all those who can't stand Cates..

congrats you got your wish.

Wes Cates will not be offered a contract extension, his days are done as a Rider.

just check front of the CFL website for the news..

Wes will be missed. I think he still had a lot to contribute to the team and hope he is able to catch on with a team who can make use of his talents. Thanks for your time as a Rider Wes!

I think it was time to renew the position.

That said, I was never a hater. I just realized that his age was becoming a factor. Nothing, absolutely nothing, can take away from Cates' substantial contributions to the Riders and their winning ways while he was here.

Thank you, Wes, and good luck.

When you say “can’t stand” I don’t agree with that. I liked Wes Cates he was one of my favorite players and I got my picture taken with him in 2008 Labour Day Classic. But there comes a team where teams need to make changes to make the football club more competative and this was it. I wish him the best and thank him for his contributions! Rock on #20, you were a heck of a player :rockin:

With all due respect dusty I can't agree with your statement. Running backs seem to have the shortest shelf life in the CFL, and I do think Wes's time has come. Yes he gave yeoman service over quite a few seasons, but he's past his best before date and it's time for someone new. I doubt anyone in the CFL will pick him up, I can't think of any team in the league for whom Cates would be an ugrade over what they already have at the running back position. Only chance for him I suspect is as an injury replacement for some team that becomes desperate mid-season (i.e. Boyd in Toronto or Whitaker in Montreal going down to a season-ending injury in late September or something like that).

sad to see cates go.
i really liked his play when healthy, but he has been banged up the last couple seasons. hard to say if he can stay healthy for a whole season.
i think thats really the reason why they decided to part ways with him.

i would like to see Reynolds in green and white. the guy is a work horse who is never injured.

well it was pretty clear last season that Cates just didn't have it anymore. they are making good decisions and want to improve their offense.

a new, better Running back is a good strong move towards that.

if we can establish a running game it will allow Durant more time to make the right passes and we can win games with our offense again.

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