Cates, is it time

As much as I like Cates, it seems to me his time maybe coming to an end. He is not the dominating RB he use to be. He carried the team no too long ago, but since his shoulder surgery he does play nearly as agressive as he use too. He goes down on tackles now that 3 years ago he’d be carrying guys on his back for extra yards.

He gets the occasional long run, but mostly it is 2 yds up the middle into a wall of players, instead of cutting to the outside. This maybe a bigger problem of the Oline getting long in the tooth and not being able to provide Cates with those gaps thru the line.

Sure Cates is a good blocker and catches well, BUT his main function is too run the ball. Edmonchuk, released two quality RBs and they maybe a good addition here. West it dont see as a RB and pretty small for TB, Hugh Charles doesn’t seems to have the confidence of the coaches.

I want a RB who we can rely upon to get 5 to 6 yds on 2nd and 5 or less. Thoughts?

I suspect the Riders are trying to develope Brandon West a little bit and will likely take over in the next year or two as the starter. I still like Cates better than Charles... Cates fills a blocking role that Charles just cant.

I think they need more than 1 guy to grow into the role. Porter and Whitlock, are sitting unclaimed, why not give them a try too?

no blocking results in no runs.

whether it's Cates, West or Charles.

For me, West is a good return guy. If he is the best we offer as the main back… we are in deep deep doodoo.

if the Stamps are stupid enough to get rid of Reynolds next season I say we grab him.

Cates is getting some good long runs here and there but when it comes down to 3rd and 1 or 3rd and 2 forget it. I don’t know why they don’t run Neil Hughes in those type of situations? Having said that our O-line has been terrible in short yardage situations this year - we don’t even think of running the ball on short and goal anymore - they don’t get the push hardly ever - coaching or talent? - anyones guess.

Watching Calgary and Hamilton today, I saw a ton of rushing yds, something we dont see on the Riders.

Very true. Younger Oline might have the energy to force the gaps, where our vetrans are good at blocking.

Interestingly, Reynolds was sat for lack of production......

Way to go Huff. :x

Next time, ground them all. :roll:

Watching the RBs for BC, Stamps and Edmonton... We suck. We can't hold a candle to any of those teams. It's looking more and more like we need a major overhaul, and Taman is not the guy to do it. We are in a world of trouble....