Cates' endzone dance unnecessary....'re absolutely killing the opposite team and you're dancing on their grave? unclassy move by a normally decent guy...

w.e man, i dont think it was that bad.

I didn't see it. Anyone have the replay? As long as it wasn't over the top, like the crap Arland Bruce does, then I don't see the issue... It's not his fault Winnipeg wet the bed.

A Stamps Fan criticizing a touchdown celebration...

Cates was gonna do a Bobsled thing or the dodgeball dance, but he thought that was gay.

hey now chief, to be perfectly fair Bruce has stopped his dances and just does the star stance he usually does now. He had the perfect chance to get the Argo's with a dance on Friday and didn't. I think and hope that Bruce is gone and the eastern all-star Bruce is here.

... I agree all that crap was bad, but that was the past, you don't see that junk anymore from the stamps so keep your comment in perspective....

...and it wasn't over the top, just not necessary...let the scoreboard speak for itself...

This is true. He hasn't done anything since he joined Hamilton, which is nice. Hey, maybe that was part of his plan to get out of there. :lol: Like you, I hope we see the great athlete, and not the attention grabber.

:lol: whatever it was, Hamilton fans are overjoyed to have him and Argo fans aren't too happy about that. Bruce is exciting to watch. Take it to Calgary on Friday Bruce!!! GO CATS GO!

After Bishop's comments after the Labour Day game, the celebration doesn't look all that terrible. Bishop was right on one count though, someone's ass did get whooped, unforutantely for him, it was his own team that got the whoopin'...

....[sarcasm] glad to see the 3 folks that don't agree have absolutely no loyalty to the riders [sarcasm]....

I'll go on record as saying I didn't find it over-the-top by any means, but I did find it unnecessary...not a classy move, considering the score...

It was a little 2 second dance!!! LoL it wasnt making fun of anyone or disprespecting anyone. Whether you're up by a hundred or down by a hundred a dance like that is not unnacceptable. If he was looking at or standing over a bomber then maybe. Considering what bishop said after labour day, he's lucky that's all he got. What's uncalled for was Shabaz playing unusually dirty all game. But the TD dance was nothing worth mentioning as unnacceptable or over the top.

I'd have preferred a Ben Cahoon style "line up for the next play" action after that TD, but it really wasn't an over the top celebration at all. The Rider players were obviously having fun out there, I don't think it was intended to insult anybody.

(Besides, it looked like the stadium was all Green by then anyway.)

That's nothing. A Rider fan in the north section apparantly was waving his penis around and screaming profanities in the North section. Someone's got it on their cell phone camera. That is the most disgusting thing. I've heard in a while. Hopefuly he's charged.

I love it! I always enjoy shoving it in the faces of Bomber fans..

especially Bishop who was certain they'd win! hahaha.. must have forgotten he was not with the Riders anymore.

Now that is classless!!!! Maybe it was someone hired by Kelly to dress as a rider fan and try to take attention away from the garbage on the field.

The Saskatchewan media has another take on this:

If anything, the total of 55 points against flattered the Blue Bombers. Late in the fourth quarter, a touchdown pass to Bagg was called back due to offside. In the third frame, the Roughriders eschewed an easy rushing touchdown and threw two incompletions from the one-yard line. On the game's final possession, the Roughriders opted to hand off on third down instead of having Luca Congi attempt a field goal — which, if successful, would have enabled Saskatchewan to equal a franchise record for points in a game (58, set against the Ottawa Rough Riders in 1989).

The Roughriders seemingly went out of their way to avoid lighting up the Bombers for 60-plus points.

It was not a big deal. Maybe the Bombers should have done less talking off the field and more playing on the field. After the numerous dirty hits and unnecessary roughness calls against them today, I say the dance was not anything to get all bent out of shape over. Hopefully this is the end of Bishop for good.

I don't see what the problem is with TD celebrations. It's part of the show.

Now this I agree with. Especially in the NFL. Celebrations create excitement and that in turn create revenue through jersey sales, etc… People like Chad Johnson wouldn’t be the superstars they are without things like that.