Catching up was the title but this site needs 15 characters

I figured we needed to at least see how each other are doing.
We are still the Grey Cup champs!
Management did a real good job of resigning players at a reduced salary
I believe there will be a 2021 season. Even if Wade has to arrange it himself.
This site is still awkward as all heck

Hey Aulcee. . .heck of a season your guys had last season we had. Grey Cup was well deserved. You were up against a pretty good team, although yes they were missing their starting QB, and you totally dominated them. Your defence in particular was outstanding.

And I share your annoyance at that silly 15 character rule. .

All I want now is for them to figure out a way to get it going again in 2021. There has to be away

We can but hope. . .

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'Hope' and get vaccinated.

Herd immunity will do wonders for ticket sales.