Catchable balls Dropped - Lack of Effort by Bryant

New guy in town Guice Jr. Looking pretty good, still missing Franklin, Edwards is banged up. Too many dropped balls and absolutely no effort by Bryant, Bryant needs to go. Bowman dropped a catchable ball as well. This game, we cannot blame the QB'S, the INT, Bryant should have fought harder for, i am disgusted with his effort, just not trying for the ball.

Time to Cut Bryant for sure and i am not terribly impressed with Bowman either, Bowman is young and should be teachable, but Bryant is akmost 30 years old and just totally lost what he had last year, time for a change there.

Bramlet looked pretty composed in the pocket considering he has only been with the team for a week and a half,i say keep Bramlet in to start the 2ND half, see what he has!! You can alway's go back to Bishop. Does Not Hurt.

......I think that this will be the last of Bryant in BluenGold.....b.s. play and you cant'd colour it any other way.. :thdn: :thdn:

Sure hope so, i take back what i said about Bramlet, this guy does not impress me one bit, Kelly is giving Bramlet more time than he ever gave Randall, just a dumb coaches call. The defense is holding you in 2 TD'S down and Kelly keeps a raw rookie in there, i think that's proof that The BB'S are not playing for this year!!

...POOR EFFORT by the whole club really.....but is to be expected....This team will be hard pressed to win another game in 09....You really can't blame a green qb. like Bramlet...He has zero expreience....but is there much doubt this team is done for the season???....pathetic would be a word you could use here....There's going to be a sparse crowd at Canadinns for the rest of the year....Not much to look forward to.. :thdn: :frowning:

This game could have been won! Kelly disrespects Bishop, poor play calling. Kelly really believes his system rocks, its just that he cant find the right QB to make it work :roll:

Its a shame that as a result, Bishop will pay the ultimate price. 2 years in a row with a bad team.

it takes a lot for me to defend bishop just cause ive never been a fan of his, but this game was not his fault and i do feel bad for him.... minus a few drops and a little more effort from some players and this is more like a 230-300 yrd passing performance from bishop.. not too mentions those plays would have kept the offense on the field and then the defense could have played better by not being dog tired... 21 mins possesion for bombers.... pathetic... absolute garbage... and that was because of penalties, lack of run game, and drops... not on bishops shoulder this time.

time to start evaluating new talent... and see if we can find some gems for next season... im trying to stay positive for the future... but is sure hard with how weve played this month...

Stay positive and be happy with failure and incompetence.

Excuse me? He played on a 12-6 team last year.

You are not saying that Sask had no receiver issues last year???

...maybe Kelly should dumb his system down, you know, add a few plays in there from a shotgun formation....