Catch of the Day: 2023 Touchdown Atlantic sold out

TORONTO — For the second year in a row, the CFL is heading to the East Coast for Touchdown Atlantic, and once again, the region and fans from across Canada have shown their passion for the game by selling out the contest. In response, the league has expanded capacity in the Church Brewing Party Zone to welcome 1,000 additional fans.

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Hopefully the CFL jacks up the price of tickets again next year. Take advantage of hot ticket items while you can. Try to do the same thing in Quebec City.

Good to hear though there is still availably on TM in the Party End Zone standing room area

The CFL today just put up for sale an additional 1000 tickets in the party zone .

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It’s 10,000 seats and half the fans will be from Saskatchewan.
The home town Wanderers soccer team sell out 8,000 every game.
Don’t know if there is any interest in QC, the Ottawa/Montreal pre-season game there a few years ago drew only fans form Ottawa and Montral

Personally I’d like to see the CFL go to Quebec City. Great city, natural rivalry with the Als. But this is nice news from the Maritimes. Also great place. My mother-in-law is from there. :sunglasses:

I would like to see QC too but I don’t think there is any interest there, no owners/investors no fan interest.
I know Ambrosie keeps talking about working behind the scenes but there is zero funding for a stadium unless some billionaire funds it

A lot of the Saskatchewan fans at the last Touchdown Atlantic sat in the same section…They are friends and family of Brett Lauther who is from Nova Scotia and played his university ball at Saint Mary’s and it was his section.

Most of the Touchdown Atlantic games have been sold out or very near capacity. First five Touchdown Atlantics did not have Saskatchewan playing. Totally disagree with your comment.

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This is great for the Maritimes. Even if they never get a full time team, one or even two games a year would be fantastic. They should play on the St. F. X. field one year. Nicest field in the AUS.

Enough with the Rider/Argo lineup. Going forward, the game should be a grey cup rematch. Bombers vs Argos would have been fun this year. And would have sold out too.

The last time they played in a sold out 20k configuration was way back in 2011. The Ticats played there in 2013 when TH was under construction and nowhere near a sell out.
No games held down there between 2014 to 2018
For the 2019 game they decided not to expand but keep it at 10k . No game in 2020 because of the pandemic.

What’s your point?