catch and release?

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so heres what i think we sign stokes back late in the season he shows flight 87 how to fly when returning and then we let him go to edmonton because of free agency. Did we try to get him back? or did we leave him to go to another team because of cap space? and who takes over as returner now?

Willie Foster will likely be the returner. And Morhlu (sp?) will get a look.

Cap space doubt.

You see, thats why Taman keeps Westwood around. Troy is the Lightning rod. The fans get so mad at Troy, they miss all the things Taman screws up on.

Oh yeah, must go and mail my yearly thank you card to Taman for sending us Geroy Simon! forgot to add sport....that the leos had a brilliant guy on the lions squad who were ready to packadge Geroy and send him back to the BigBlue after 1 season in lotus land.....someone smartened up on the coast and nixed the deal.....i believe it was Burrato....he certainly out manouevered Taman on that one....Simon should have stayed a Bomber.... :roll:

Geroy was a free agent when he came back from the NFL we didn't cut him or trade him we had more receivers than we knew what to do with at the time so we didn't offer him as much as BC did. At the time he showed promise but nothing to convince ayone he would turn out to be a star.