Catch-all "bring him to Hamilton" thread

With cuts due Sunday morning, there are sure to be lots of recognizable names who will be released from various teams around the league. Coveting players released by other teams is a longstanding tradition among Hamilton fans, so here's a thread.


Interesting thread. ;)But let’s be clear, if we “bring him to Hamilton?, somebody has to leave, so position, salary caps, and nationally are all part of the wish list!

Spoil sport! :(:(:(*

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Cauchy Muamba - National (cut from BC) could be a good backup for Courtney Stephen, or a possible SAM linebacker. I'm not even joking about this.

How many backups does Stephen need?

He could back him up at DB, which would allow Daly to come in at safety, backed up by Langa.

I would like Owens and Grant back in Black & Gold. Owens would for sure be too expensive for most teams - most teams would have little cap room right now.

Owens is too hurt and Grant too tall

Owens can't be injured. It's against CFL rules to release an injured vet.

Bob Irving?

Blue bombers cut 2017 first overall pick Faith Ekakitie

Kyle Melo?
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Ekakitie gone in WPG. Judge, Behar and Vandervoort have all had little impact for their teams. Conor McGough has been the best pick of that group and all signs point to him being the best pro. Props to Drew Allemang for that steal.

Credit where credit is due
I agree, Conor McGough is the best pick of 2017 so far

For those scoring at home…

Cut down day included potential haunters Evan Gill, Junior Collins, Xavier Fulton, Sergio Castillo …

if cut down time is 10 am, where are the Ticat cuts?