Catastrophic injuries policy

Catastrophic injuries policy needed in CFL

Jason Clermont, Vancouver Sun
Published: Wednesday, July 30, 2008

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Under our current agreement,

a player (and his family) only has
the right to his full salary
for the remainder of the season

and loses medical benefits at the
start of the next training camp,

when he is unable to report.

I would hope the players take out their own accident/injury type of insurance if the league doesn't provide would think that there would be some type of insurance available through the players' association. If not, they should get on it!

He has a Point

I know the rules must be different but isnt it a job injury? Not covered under the same sort of workers injury insurance such as wsib? I just wonder how it differs and maybe someone can shed some light on how it does. He was hurt on the job. I guess football is exempt because its a dangerous job? someone must know how and why.

well, I found the answer to my above question on the ontario ministry of labour website. The CFLPA needs to arrange some kind of long term insurance for the players in the unfortunate situation of permanent disability. although it doesnt say why(I assume because of the risk involved in the jobs) it says this:
Workers Excluded from WSIB Coverage:
Workers performing certain jobs are excluded from coverage. These workers include (but are not limited to):
professional athletes;
circus performers;
individuals who perform movie or video stunts;
outworkers; and
casual workers employed for purposes other than the employer’s business.