Cat/Rider Game Thread

TSN on the tube, telescope out if the game doesn’t pan out. Perfect Saturday night.

The 3Ms… Meow, Mix or Meteors? :grinning:

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its time to kick some butt, LGTC'S

God, the TSN panel makes me cringe. Sanchez must have compromising photos of a producer to have gotten that gig.

Again with the black pajama bottoms.

Let's see the Ticats from that first drive last week, but for the whole game. And no turning into pumpkins at midnight (eastern time).


Go Cats GO!:goat::muscle::muscle:t5::football:

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3 man rush..and they blew right through

How does a guy get through untouched when only rushing three? Ran right between Revenberg and Okafor. It's not like these two are rookies.


Gotta make your cut past the marker!

Couple of good punts.

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Our O line is awful

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But he was the under route, with Banks about five yards past him.

No penalty for hitting the Riders player in the helmet with the ball while tossing it to the ref? Weird.

Swiss cheese is great on a sandwich…


Masoli getting very little time to throw...O-line is like Swiss cheese...

STE does not impress. Only a yard or two per carry

He fumbled again!