Cat Quarterbacks

McManus looked friggen terrible. I know its only pre-season, but come on 3 ints in one quarter? And holy crap does Brady look bad. He just doesn’t look right in black and yellow, he was much more comfortable with the Argos. Seriously, Hamilton better think tiwce about the depth at qb, because if it snowballs, it’ll be 1-17 all over again.

I doubt Hamiltons too worried about McManus’s 3 int.

He’s always been way up there in int’s, part of the problem
is his receivers arent being aggressive to the ball.

Suitor commented after Danny Mac’s 6 yard run in the game that he only ran for a total of 5 yards all of last year? Is this true or was Suitor joking?

For the record I am a big McManus fan. I cheered for him when he played for the Lions and later as a Blue Bomber and now a Ti-Cat.
He has never had the running ability, but more than made up for it with his quick release and hard accurate passing ability.

There is no doubt he still has the quick release, but the accuracy is something he can’t afford to lose. Other teams know he can’t run and if they can block out his options down the middle that forces him to make those long cross field sideline throws. I do believe McManus still has something in the tank and I want to beleive it. There is no doubt however that his receivers will have to go to the ball at times and they better be hungry.

McManus should have retired years ago. Either Brady, or a trade for a QB (Maas?) is needed to help the Cats!

I’d be curious to know who, among those who diss Dany Mac, were joyfully expecting the return of Doug Flutie to the CFL… Did you guys know Flutie is 3 years older than ol’ Danny Boy?

But, Doug can run…, Although, must give Danny Mac Credit, he matched last years rushing totals…(According to Suitor)

Face it, no other starting QB in the world could have a chance at increasing it’s previous year rushing total by 1000%. Danny Mac will do it if he gains 50 yards!

I still think Mac got what it take to lead an offense in the CFL. I am an Als fan, but have always appreciate the man play. TigerCats are far more dangerous with Mac at the helm than with Brady. Of course his best years are behind him, but does the Cats have a better man to put up front ? I dont think so.

As Far As Backups Go Brady Is Coming Along Best He Can. I Never Really Liked Him That Much When He Was An Argo But He Is Of Much Better Quality Then ‘Bad News’ Bishop (Not Every Team Can Have A Backup Like Printers) And The Large Number Of Turnovers Isn’t Really An Omen As The Argo Secondary Is The Best In The League And That’s The Type Of QB That Danny Mac Is, He’ll Rarely Get Sacked But Sometimes He’ll Throw Into Cover.

If ALLEN at 41 can win the 2004 GREY CUP MVP , and maybe do it again this year…DANNY…can pass like him did last year.

DANNY, always has a bad pre season…but as some say, the pre season means nothing, any way. It depends if he is in shape again this year , like last year when he was really good.

2 years before that he had a beer belly…and was awlful

I think that BRADY …is their future…The ARGOS were dumb to let him go. :smiley:

I have always been a Mac fan and I dont say this to spite Cat fans, but I dont think Danny will be the number one guy in Hamilton at the end of the season.