'Cat fans in VanCity

…anyone out here that wants to hook up for some tailgatin Saturday aft?

I think woody said he's flying out...

Yep....hope to hook up with him

I'll be there....where should i look for you guys?

Had a fun trip.

Did a lot of sightseeing prior to the game as I flew to Calgary and drove "crowsnest pass" to Vancouver.

Stayed at Sandman Inn beside BC Place. :thup:

Did a little more sightseeing on Sunday.

Hit both tailgates... "Lionbackers" and "13thman" and was well treated. :thup: In fact my whole weekend, even at the game, at no time was I chastised for wearing my Ticat colours. In fact I had so many people welcoming me and actually feeling proud of my team, in spite of our record. I was reminded that things change quickly in the CFL and when things do turn around it will be so much sweeter.

BC place and the tailgate experience made me appreciate IVOR WYNNE and SCOTT PARK so much more. :rockin:

So many people I met told me that they wished they had "our stadium and our tailgate". People were stopping me and chatting all around the stadium both before and after. Any drunks I did see were being "turfed".

Bought my ticket from a scalper for $30.00 with a face value of $43.00 It was a lot like the skydome and you are a long way from the field. :thdn: The "jumbotron" or whatever they call it is like watching an old small tv. :thdn:

Met some of our team's players relatives (Sandy Beveridge and Chris Bauman) at the tailgate as well as Paris Jackson's father.

I was quite surprised to see as many "Ticat fans" out there. The team appreciated the fact that we were there and recognised us fans.

Of course I was very disapointed that our team didn't play better. It will improve...of that I'm confident. Now, more than ever we need to support "OUR TEAM". The BC fans remember their lean years too. Without us...there will be no team...let's not lose sight of that. :wink:

I flew out on AIR CANADA :thdn: and came back on Westjet :thup: ...a difference of night and day as far as friendly service goes. The security at check in is just plain rediculous but I guess that is to be expected in the wake of 911. :roll: Abbotsford airport and Hamilton airport have Vancouver and Toronto beat HANDS DOWN for price and ease of getting in and out.

All in all it was a fun trip and I'm looking forward to the Grey Cup experience in Montreal. :rockin:

Many thanks to all the BC fans who make up this great CFL fraternity. :rockin:

Good for you Woody.

I am retired and I haven't gotten off my butt
to travel to a different CFL city every year.

I should be on my second time through by now.

Good for you Woody. It is refreshibng to hear how we should support our team!!!!