'Cat fans in VanCity

Who's goin Thursday night?

Would be kewl to meet up with Tiger-Cat fans at our tailgate

...beside the Cambie Street onramp...just West of 'the Dump'

Just hunt for the goof wearin his Gumby jersey


I’ll be going 3rd, that is if I win the lottery Wednesday night and then I’ll have the money to fly out there and take in the game! Just hinges on that one small tidbit of winning the lottery though. :wink:


No ticket ... no laundry

I'm going 3rd!

Will you be anywhere near the CFL Fan's Fight Cancer tailgate?

PM me your cell #!



'Gatin .... for sure, with Orangsshoes et al

Well your gonna get prank called lol

I will be there but with my girlfriend and a few other friends. We are sitting right behind the Hamilton bench (forget the section #)

I am slowly converting my GF to be a Ti-Cats fan :slight_smile: She was born here in BC so you can't really blame her for being a Lions fan :slight_smile:

I`ll be there. I hope we can pull the big upset. If we can win tonight we can turn the season around.