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The Week 7 @TroyWestwood Memorial Kicker rankings are out. The avg. distance of a Sergio Castillo attempt...

Castillo's punting and KO's have been phenomenal also

Punting avg = 45.6yrds

Kickoffs avg = 63.7yrds

Whats the secret, is it in the Hammer's very fine spaghetti, maybe the olive oil. You've got to come to the Hammer for good Italian Food. ;D ;D :smiley:

That is the bright spot this season!

Hey, a lot of folks on this forum were positive that Kent and Eric couldn't evaluate talent. And yet, they found this guy. What gives?

Once in a while you get shown the light, in the strangest places if you look at it right.

Or one of my favourites......."Even a blind squire finds a nut every now and then"

Hewas the only player to score against Calgary... ;D

Now if the team can hang onto him and not under pay him and let him walk.

Productive squirrel. Delvin Breaux, Eric Harris, Ted Laurant, Simoni Lawrence, Tasker, Sinkfield, C.J. Sheureman (sp) Zack, etc.

What's really interesting is that he didn't show that he had this level of ability in the pre-season. He was the best of a bad lot and that was the only reason he even got the job...

For what it's worth, Maher stunk last night. ;D
That shank punt out of his endzone in the 4th qtr was brutal!

Update to Week 13, our MVP

Great singing by Kent and Co and to think at 26 could be a Ticat for many years

A lot of people on this forum were "crucifying" Austin at season start for not pursuing one of the high priced kickers available at the Medlock, Maher. There is smarts on TiCats management I guess, sometimes more than from some in this forum.

Not to be a pessimist, but on the negative side on things, maybe Castillo has the longest average, because our offence can't move the move the ball.

Dont miss Medlocks 38 yard punts or Mahers mixed bag of makes, misses and various screw ups one bit. Castillo is a solid P/k.
A definite asset.

Another off-season I was worried about the kicker when I should have worried about the O line, the secondary, the receivers, the quarterback and basically everything else. And it's been a bad year for kicking around the league. It seems like Castillo is the only one who hasn't struggled. I'm thinking Parades choked in the early season, Edmonton leaning on their punter for field goals, Crapigna's late game misses, even Medlock was short on a 50-yarder that would have won the game. Teams don't seem to be attempting 50+ yards unless it's do or die.

0 for 2 tonight.

Thank you