Castillo wins kicking job

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Sergio Castillo has won the #Ticats kicking job

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For now

How long will this guy last???

He earned the job... and out of 8 total guys. I see no reason for concern.

Have to agree. Castillo had a much better "late camp" than early camp in terms of productivity and results. Maybe part of that was getting used to a new snapper and holder (for FGs kicked during practice). It's too bad there weren't opportunities during the games for FGs but that was his strength coming into camp - punting not so much. It looks like his punting has improved. If he struggles later then there may be other options available, but I think he'll be fine to start the season.

Looking at Maher's stats over the last few years, he was not stellar before he arrived in Hamilton.

Punting, his average went from 45.4 in 2014 with Ottawa to 45.9 last season in Hamilton. His longest of his first year in Ottawa was 64 yards, compared to 89 with the Tiger cats.

In 2015, Brett Maher played in only 4 games with the RB's.

Field goals, his percentage with the Redblacks was 67.6. Here, it was 82%. Longest of 2014 was 48, while in 2016, he kicked one of 58 yards. In points, he went from 102 to 161.

I think we need to give Sergio Castillo an opportunity to prove himself, like we did with Maher.

But Maher was injured for all of 2015, he came back to punt for Ottawa at the end of the season but hadn’t recovered from that hip injury.
Ottawa decided not to re-sign him because it was a serious injury for a kicker.
The last time he kicked FGs for Ottawa was the rookie year 2014, you can’t really bring up stats from 3 years ago.

Good luck with Castillo, he was released by Ottawa because he wasn’t as good as Maher.

When was Castillo released because of Maher ??
As far as i know they were never on the same team roster at the same time ever.

According to the CFL stats, Maher played 4 games with them in 2015, as I indicated.

Why can't you use stats from his rookie year? He was a professional like everyone else on the team. 2014 was his only full season before being signed by Hamilton.

Checking Sergio's numbers from when he was there:

Punting average
2015 43.2
2016 45.2

2015 59 yards
2016 90

Field goals
2015 76.9%
2016 0

Mind you, Castillo only played six games over the two seasons he was in Ottawa. But, the results are in the same range as Maher. Just a smaller sample size.