Castillo on his winding football journey: 'For me there’s no coincidence'

When Sergio Castillo first touched down in Edmonton last month, he posted a photo of himself, decked out in a blue suit with a crimson shirt, and wearing a white cowboy hat. The 31-year-old kicker was frozen in frame, jauntily striding the field at Commonwealth Stadium, a look of determination apparent on his face. It’s a photo that screams ‘I’m happy to be here, let’s get to work.’ The accompanying caption had something else to say though: “Where the tacos at, Edmonton?”

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Great story. Could use a lot more of these. Well written, worthy read for sure.:trophy:

Good stuff, Landry's articles seem to be a cut above the others. Excellent story.

Fantastic story. The CFL needs more personalities like Sergio. It’s the interesting people that make sports come alive. As an Elks fan welcome to Edmonton and enjoy the tacos!