To all you knew my posts as LeoFan and that I was not a Casey Printers fan, and never thought the Lions should have brought him back. I am not blaming Casey for the behavour of some of the players in the last game, but he showed that his "all about the team" was not there when he ripped off his helmet threw it to the ground and yelled at a team member.

Besides that for a QB with the number of years experience that he had Casey never really developed. I agree with what Matt Dunigan said in his comments that Casey just could not cut it and that Travis Lulay is the future. I think for the remainder of the season the combination of Lulay and JJ should be good.

I wish Casey the best for whatever it is that he does, but honestly I am glad this "bad" experiment is over with. So lets move on and seal up that last playoff spot. Hey once the playoffs start as we know it is a brand new season.

Go Lions.

The coach has gotta do what he's gotta do. No doubt this was brewing for sometime and did not just have to do with the 5 recent fumbles. I suspect that the you know what really hit the fan in the locker room and/or elsewhere. It may have been, "Screw this team, I don't want to play with these guys or for you coach anymore." Who knows? Casey certainly had his chances but in fairness to him he had a huge mountain to climb.

I didn't catch the part where Casey reamed out one of his own teammates but in my mind that is totally unacceptable, especially in front of the player bench, the spectators and on National TV. A player never EVER criticizes a team mate for their mistakes as far as I'm concerned cause you just never know when you're gonna screw up yourself. That's the coaches' job. I wonder how many players chewed out Printers each time he fumbled the ball?

Casey is gone but I would not be surprised if another team or two might want to have a look at him. [Maybe Edmonton?]. After all this is the CFL. I've said this before and I don't mind saying it again. With the kind of poor pass protection the Lions' QB has been getting all season from the linesmen, Houdini could have been playing QB and it would not have helped. I'm not sure Dunnigan himself would have faired much better if he were younger and still playing.

Casey had moments of brilliance and gave the fans some entertaining football. Regardless of his personality quirks, he is a good man and it just may be that too much was put onto his plate for his level of play. A tip of the hat to Casey for his efforts.
Casey may have thrown his last football in the CFL- too bad it was interception for a TD. :x

Well he was great when he's hot, and shunk when not...he didn't really do much since his return.

Was this due to the lack of protection or lack of respect from his team memebers? Judging from the news cast it seemed some of his team mates had little respect for him?

Well best of luck to him what ever he ends up doing.

Angus Reid let Casey have it pretty good on the evening newscast (on Global BC). Looked like Angus was glad he could finally get that out of his system. You gotta figure that Casey has been whining and complaining about everyone else, while deflecting blame from himself, at a steady clip to get that kind of reaction from teammates.

Angus Reid doesn't speak for everyone though (I wonder if he took a poll of his teammates?). O'Neil Wilson (who was the receiver Printers was jawing with) has said he was shocked that Printers was released and that he considers Printers to be a good friend.
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and no one in their right mind will pick him up either! :cry:

Saddened by this turn of events, but can't say I didn't see it coming - especially after the last game. Casey's been given every opportunity to redeem himself; he just hasn't seized it as he should have. Too bad. I was really hoping for a great come-back story, I really was. I doubt very much anyone else will pick him up now. He joins the ranks of the Kerry Josephs and others who could have, should have, but didn't. Casey's still young; he has plenty of time to figure out his future. Hopefully he hasn't squandered his earnings, and has enough to prepare for the next chapter. He has nothing to feel ashamed about; he gave it his best try. It just didn't work out.
Does anyone know who replaces 3rd string? I've been out of town for a few days, so I'm not as plugged in as usual.

Mike Reilly is the 3rd QB now, on the practice roster at the moment. Suspect he'll get pulled onto the active unless they can sign someone else quick with a bit of CFL experience.

I thought he was on the "injured" list. . .

Anyway, if they go the other route, and try to sign a CFL experienced QB, there aren't a lot in the discard bin. . .Kerry Joseph? Michael Bishop? Ben Sankey?

My guess is Wally will sink or swim with a work in progress (Lulay) and a career backup in Jackson who has never been able to take the #1 spot and run with it, despite having had many chances to do just exactly that.

In one of the articles about Printers it said that Sankey called Wally about 3 weeks ago and Wally said thanks, but no thanks so I don't think he would get a call.

Printers' knee injury in game 2 prevented him from using his mobility. That made him a pocket passer who just couldn't produce or protect the ball well enough to remain the starter. I believe he also unfairly became the focl point for the dissatisfaction Lions fans had for a difficult season. that's how it goes if you're the starting QB: you get all the glory when you're winning and all the blame when you are losing.

The tantrum after the Lions lost to the Bombers in OT may have been the last straw, but only the most optimistic Lions fans didn't see Printers' firing as inevitable. I don't take any pleasure in saying this, but I believe the team will be better without the daily distractions and "team second" self-promotion that was Casey Printers.

I hope he finds another job somewhere, but I don't believe any current GM or head coach in the CFL will show any interest in him. Personally, I wish him well for the future.

-Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

Well stated Dooger. May I add that when it comes to pro sports the fans can be merciless and unforgiving. Many players have fallen from grace with demanding fans and have been given the boot. If Casey Printers is finished as a pro football player he will not be the first athlete to have to hang up the old cleats. Unfortunately, one never wants to be unceremoniously "dumped" but a player's performance is measured with a magnifying glass and you cannot hide your mistakes or limitations. The rewards for success can be huge but the sting of failure takes its toll as well.

Let's keep in mind that Casey was being paid something like $300,000 annually. In Hamilton I believe it was even more. It takes 10 years+ for the average working stiff to make what Casey was making per year. He was doing very well.

Attitude/humility are not things that can be taught. They are acquired through life's ups and downs and nurtured from within. There are some who have said "good riddance" to the guy. That's too bad because in my opinion Casey Printers still has much to offer the world as a person as long as he channels his energy and abilities in the right direction.

His pro football experience in some ways was a good ride. He gave it his best. He will move on. At times he may have made the mistake of allowing pride to get in his way. He has paid a price if that is the case. it is too bad things worked out the way they did for him but hopefully he will learn from it.