Casey's fumble?

Is it just me or did anyone else think that should have been ruled incomplete. His arm was coming forward when the ball came out. I know he was probably going to pumpfake but that doesn't matter. Referees can't make calls based on intentions.

If that's called incomplete we don't have to give up that safety. Not sayin we win but I'd just like to see the right calls made.

It was a fumble.

That's quite an argument.

I watched it 10 times and I don't think it was. His arm was going forward and the ball came out, That by rule is not an incomplete pass.

If I'm wrong I'd love someone to tell me why.

Did the ball go backwards?

If so its a lateral.

Just watched it on The ball goes straight down. Maybe a little backwards. If that's the rule then it's a fumble. Just the fact his arm was still going forward mad ne think incomplete.

I've seen so many missed calls this year just thought it was another.

When I saw the replay the first thing I said is "its the tuck rule" but then I thought the rule might be different. His arm was definatley coming forward on the pump fake but if the rule is different its a fumble otherwise its incomplete. Just think if the ruling was the same maybe it could start a dynasty in Hamilton just like in New England. Either way Brady fumbled.....and I'm not a Raider fan!!!!!

As long as the arm was going forward it doesn’t matter if the ball went backward, it would be considered an incomplete pass.

But, seeing the replay just now for the first time on Sportscope… it looked to me like Printers had stopped the pump fake and was in the process of gathering the ball back in when it came loose. ie: the forward motion was completed with the ball still in his hand.

It wasn't just a fumble -- he dropped the ball. For no reason, no one around him -- he just dropped it.

This is not the first time he has done that this year.

Casey is a good quarter back with low self esteme.Sounds familar?Mass was a back up with worse self esteem but on paper Printers is the best available right now!Only the strong minded survive here in hamilton! :wink:

I disagree completely.
Printers is too cocky for the rotten job he is doing.
He has been outplayed by 2 CFL back-ups.
He is the highest paid player in the league.

He needs a little humility if anything!

Sounds like a QB we used to have here. We ran him out of town.

He's been playing pretty well in Montreal for the last 10 years or so.

What would you rather he do? When things are going poorly he should just put his head down and give up.

Printers hasn't been cocky since the warm-up before game one.

Yes, he's put his foot firmly in his mouth a couple of times early on but that kind of CRAP is done.

I still think his thumb isn't 100%. Give the guy some time with better o-line play. Now that KK has signed, that will help the throwing game as well as it takes some of the rush away.

Does the CFL have “the tuck rule?” Wasn’t that play almost the same? Quarterback pump fakes but drops the ball as he slows down his arm. I know Tom Brady got hit when his “incomplete pass” occurred, but isn’t it the same?

Ordinarily, if the quarterback drops or loses the football while he is bringing the ball forward in a passing motion, and the ball touches the ground, it is considered an incomplete pass. If the quarterback drops or loses the football at any other time, it is considered a fumble, as if any other player had dropped it.
The tuck rule is an exception to this rule. It applies if the quarterback brings his arm forward in a passing motion, but then changes his mind and tries to keep hold of the football rather than making a pass. In this situation, if the quarterback loses the ball while stopping his passing motion or bringing the ball back to his body, it is still considered a forward pass (and thus an incomplete pass if the ball hits the ground), even if the ball is moving backwards at the time the quarterback loses it.

If you ask me, it should have been ruled an incomplete pass. But then again, I don’t know every rule in the CFL, funny thing is, I don’t think most of the referees do either.

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