I think richie needs to be a solid number two to make this team if he did get an raise and extension last year. I dont see third man getting good bucks this time around and I think if its close and not much to choose between them at all.....lowest paid will stick in spot 3.

I see casey, leak, followed by guys who makes the least out of the others, and the next one on practice roster. Williams may be odd man out. I like him but I dont think he is a solid number two.

I have to agree that more competition is good to have, as I don't think there is such a thing as having too many talented QBs. However, right now, I predict that Porter will be on the practice roster, and Leak will be #3 on the depth chart. And I don't think any of these QBs will be traded. It will be good to have a somewhat-experienced backup in Williams. And you never know when you will need to use the third-string QB, as at least a few CFL teams found out last year. So whoever will be the better of Porter, Leak, and Chang will be #3 I think. I am ranking Leak ahead of Porter, but I reserve the right to change my opinion in these next few weeks. :slight_smile:

:cowboy: I also agree that competition is good. I'm sure Casey, will be fine, but its always good to have someone behind Casey that is a threat as well. I believe that Bob Young and Bob O know what's going on and hamiliton, hold on to your shorts because this owner and Bob, Coach, Casey and the team is going to take hamilton on a ride they have not been own in a while, it's called winning. No one man can do it, but the talent that's coming in, and if the coaches do their jobs along with the players then LOOK OUT!!! :rockin:

Thanks Woody!

BC had Dickenson,Pierce and Jackson. Who could all argueably be number ones in this league. Before that Printers was in the mix. I'd say that is a pretty good track record of discovering young talented quarterbacks. I know Dickie is not young but still has talent and a proven vet to help along the young lads. Whatever Obie is doing I am behind him!!! Not that he cares!

I agree.. or They put leak on the non active .
Practice roster is Dicey cause anyone can Clame him
I could see the Bombers or Roughriders Trying to Grab Leak.

I am not Fan of Short QB
I like Tall Guys and Porter is 6'5 to Leaks 5'10
Plus Porters Passes have been Crips and Right on the money.
Leak has been Sitting and could be very Rusty
so Practice could help him get back into Shape.

Now back to the Height on Leak.
Yes I know Chris is a good QB .
And Doug Flutie was Short too..But he was a Great QB.
Leak is no Doug Flutie.

I hope Casey stays healthy this year. if he goes down, I think Williams would do really well. He showed great flashes last year!! Honestly, I think he could be a starter on a few teams in the CFL. I think we have the best 1,2 in the league.

except maybe for BC, or Toronto.

Because we can afford it with all the money we have saved $ with all our new rookie receivers!! :lol: lots of cap room!!! we need 5 good arms in camp.....

except maybe for BC, or Toronto.
I agree the QB`s are strong for both teams. I hate to say it, especially for T.O

I think Printers has the talent to be an MVP Qb but at the same time, he has to go out their and prove himself again and staying healthy.

at the end, as usual, which or the 3 teams benifits from the best Quarterbacking will probably come down to which teams top 2 QBs play healthy the most.

OTOH, Hamilton may have the best number 3, or not


Without a good,healthy qb in this league as shown in the past, your in a lot of trouble.

Who do you think the number 1 will be in B.C.


Yeah i think that he will the battle. Simple because he took his team to the west semi final in his first year as a starter

With a full Camp and a new play book, Casey will do great things for our team :thup:

well, we do know it wont be casey :lol:

I am thinking Buck is still the better option. Better stats.

Buck will play a big factor, I think. This is a key year for Jackson to solidify his status as a young star in the CFL. Buck has a lot of intangibles that I think make him a very good QB -- I admire his toughness and improvisational ability in particular.

Oski Wee Wee,

I agree with you on BC, but both Printers and Williams are better then Michael Bishop.

probably, but you got to count for Joseph to even it up.

I honestly don't think Kerry Joseph is that great a quarterback. I think he had a QB-friendly coach in Kent Austin last year and he over-achieved. Not too many QBs have strings of mediocre seasons and then hit their stride at 33 years of age.