why are they bring in a new guys into this team we got casey and richie who both showed flashes last year and i get timmy didn't produce last year so that why you bring in quintion but why do we need a 5th qb. I feel very loyal to casey and i think he is the guy for this team nothing agianst chrs but i just kinda feel like why do we need another qb whn Casey here.

If you have a chance to improve, do it. It's as simple as that. This was a risk free move for the Cats. If Leak is better than 2 other guys we have here, then he'll be in the lineup. If not, they send him home. No big deal.

I am being very inrastional today and not thinking right.

exactly, he also could be groomed into trade bait.

It's the Buono way of doing things, which is the right way, the wrong way is the Lancaster way.

Excellent move! For once, this team may actually have depth at qb. Hooray!

Bulldog I love Casey too and think he is our guy. There is no need to think this is a threat to him. You'd be hard pressed to beat him out, whoever you are, but if that happens then the new guy would be one hell of a quarterback and it's a win-win.

I think bringing in 5 QB's is a sign that Obie isn't happy with the trio we have, and I think there will be a new number 3 man, at least, possibly a new number 2. While Williams is OK I'd love to have a starter quality guy at number 2 as well, just like the old Ray/Maas or Garcia/Dickenson or Dickenson/Printers model. You get the idea.

Obie wants his own guys. Its just like a buissness you buy youd bring in Your people

Maybe, but you don't throw the baby out with the bath water either. That business/sports maxim usually applies to management (i.e. coaches) not talent/producers.

Bringing Leak in was a good move. I doubt that his presence here is for the purpose of dethroning Casey Printers, in fact, I'm sure this isn't the case unless Casey doesn't produce at Camp.

With 5 QBs in town, he would be more likely to displace one of the two weakest performers and possibly remain in Hamilton as our #3 QB.

This is Caseys team for this year and next.
I think it will be much like last year were we did not know what combination of QBs were going to break camp.
You had to think that Rocky Butler had the inside track to be the back-up, and who knew what combination of Williams, Chang, Maas and Shaun King would make the team.
I think both Chang and Williams are in some danger. Williams with the significant salary for a non-starter.
I had Williams not making the team last spring.

Williams could be vulnerable ... if Casey were to get hurt I wouldn't have a great deal of confidence in Richie ... just yet.

Disagree ..
Ritchie has something all Good QB Need.
To Remain Relaxed even under great Pressure.
He also reminds me of Danny in one way
When Danny threw a pick he just moved on..
it did not bother him .
I think Ritchie has This Quality

if I am starting a new team and I get to pick from all the QBs in the league, but my criteria is that I want at least one that will be my starter 3-5 yrs from now, my first choice comes down to between buck or williams. My third choice is probably JJ, except I am not sure of his age.

Oh oh, you're in big trouble for that comment. :wink: As said earlier, if you can find someone who may be better than someone we have in camp bring him in.

I agree. Richie is good, but he is extremely conservative. He doesn’t make many mistakes, but he doesn’t make many big plays. He manages the game, he doesn’t make alot happen. I’ve yet to see him complete a deep ball. He’s decent and will probably make the team. But I think Obie is pushing to find a bonafide threat at number 2 if Casey goes down, or comes up a lame duck (highly unlikely though).

To be fair, since Ealey's meteoric rookie campaign in 1972, the Cats have had a pretty sad record in developing QBs. Hobart and Kerrigan are arguably the two exceptions to the rule (Marler would be a stretch, IMO), and the promise of Hobart's first season as starter quickly petered out in his sophomore year. So it can be qualified latter-day Sazio-Zuger-Gregory-Lumsden-etc. etc. way too! LOL

The player development budget of this team pre-Bob Young era was widely seen as lacking -- for a long time. The Cats scouting infrastructure vs. the Paul Jones-led Eskimo era before Maciocia was night and day, frankly.

The coach's M.O. is always a factor. Lancaster liked to use Danny's talents to the hilt. Considering who the backups were (Brady being the one guy who's really shown a sniff of ANYTHING as a starter and Sankey being a hot and cold guy record-wise), it's no biggie in retrospect.

I don't sense that we missed out on a Cody Ledbetter-led dynasty by how Danny performed 1998-2001 era. :wink:

For me, Lancaster would probably have been flexible if the backups had been upgraded. His time in Ottawa gave him insight into tandems (with Russ Jackson) and his Eskimo coaching experience suggests that using multiple QBs wasn't anaethema to him. A combination of things fed into Ron's leaning on Danny, for sure.

Oski Wee Wee,

^^^^ scouting was part of the problem for sure but Ron has said he doesn't believe in having a backup who can start.

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Lancaster suffered through a lot of years with no money to spend. what we had was what we were stuck with for the season and it was what it was. He was great with interviews back then gonna upgrade the secondary ron?..."nope" looking for another reciever "not gonna happen" how bout some nfl cuts " we are what we are, nobody is coming to this team, they gott learn to win" How bout a backup qb? " we win with danny and lose with danny, thats it"

I would rephrase that, Drexl. You're right if you are stating Ron believes in having "his guy" as the starter. One guy. However, I do think he would have preferred to have had more depth (i.e. a backup capable of starting whenever Danny did go down -- Dicken/Bankhead flashbacks ugh LOL) and a vet who could come into a game and pull one out of the fire if need be.

It's undeniable that towards the end of Ron's main run he was in Danny-or-death mode. It is something ex-QBs as head coaches often stick to. There are pitfalls if the guy can't carry that load.

Oski Wee Wee,

Simply put, more competition produces better results. The more Casey, Richie, Timmy and Quinton are pushed, the more they will produce. If Leak is better then any one of them, he gets a spot, and the low man gets cut.

My guess:
our QB depth chart for the year:

1- Casey
2- Richie
3- Quinton
4- Leak (practice roster)