Casey who?

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you timed out.

Now thats a good one, almost as funny as the guy that thought Khari Jones should be handed the team before one practice with the team.... yup, we got some gems here.

Right on BillyDee...the other thing that gave Porter an advantage was that the plays that were designed and called in this game included shorter routes; QP kind of mentioned this when he talked about the game plan. I don't know if the OC was counting on Printers' expereince and escapability, but in previous games, WRs and SBs were running intermediate and long routes with the only short check-down route was to the back who may have had to pick up a blitzer - then of course, the young receivers didn't know to come back when seeing Printers scramble.

This time, there were LOTS of shorter routes being run, allowing Porter to get rid of the ball quickly, and from what I saw, this was a BIG change from even the BC game when longer routes were still being called. I think the coaching staff (Thanks Danny!) finally realized that you can drive the ball and win with shorter routes, and avoid getting the QB killed at the same time.

If we give Printers the same game plan, I see him making the same kind of plays - assuming his thumb is healed, which I am not sure of since his accuracy and ball handling have been a little off since the injury. But he has been handicapped EXACTLY the way you indicate by personnel and by scheme. He is still a gamer and good QB and I would hate to see us give up on him because we can't figure out how best to make him successful with the tools he has - don't forget, that is the coach's job - figure out how to get the players to play with what they have available, and we have NOT done that, and that was Taffe's failing.

Ya know whats funny?? people on here don't know what the hell they want lol
One day they want long bombs....then short routes............hire him........bla bla.

I aslo find it funny how so many people call Printers a proven QB! when the hell did he prove anything?

He came of the bench in BC and had a great run. Then went south and held a clip board and was on a practice is that proven??????

Maas came off the bench and had a great run. Came here and played hurt and it didn't that any diff????? I will say that Maas had a ton of heart playing hurt every game!

People say that the team all of the sudden desinged plays around Porter! Are the coaches out to get Printers now because they won't desinge plays around him??? lol Come on........he's had all year to do something with the plays made for him and blaming it on the O line and D or recievers is a cop out.

Printers imo has not worked out just like Maas didn't, I was behind Mass and Printers too ( not as much cuz of his ego ) or even that fans blindly call him great and proven......both of he has yet to do in the hammer.

I also am not calling Porter the chosen one either! I wanted to see him play all year ( as we all know what Williams can do ) and am glad we are getting the chance to see him now.

I think Porter throws a better ball, see the feild better, makes a quicker read and doesn't bail out and run on a play as fast. IMO I would rather see a passing QB than a runner QB any day. Printers/Williams......same diff. Can they win games? well yes but not that many so far!!!!! Thats the one thing proven here.....that and Printers is hurt about as often a Lumsden is !
Porter on the other had I feel will gain a lot from Danny Mac on the sidelines and has the tools to apply it instead of always relying on his feet and bailing on play.

But we shall see!!

I doubt we will see Printers in hamilton next year and also doubt he will be a stater for any team as well.
Just like Maas and Williams, he'll make a great back up.

Anyhow, great game, had a blast and now looking forward to kicking the Stamps tails back to Calgary!!


Oh and don't eat the popcorn..................its been stale for a long long time!!!!!

EXCUSES. That's what I heard from those that replied to my latest comment. The receivers were inexperienced, the line went south, the RB's did not take the ball properly from the QB. On and on!
Nice try? I stated the facts. Casey had Caulley and Jesse in the backfield in the games he played. No offense to Tre Smith, I happen to like his style and never give up on a play attitude. However, Porter had less of a backfield and the same receivers as Printers ( except Miles), only a month later. Are you trying to tell me that all these receivers matured to the level of competence in 1 month. Give it up! I was willing to try and see the other side here, that says that Printers is a proven commodity but after some of these threads in response to my position, I find myself shaking my head and wondering which games am I watching. Printers had the big guns with him ( Jesse/Caulley/Miles) and nothing. He has not gotten it done. Porter did not have them. He has got it done and against a good team. Montreal knew they were throwing. No secret there. John Williams was never in the backfield on Saturday. Even as one dimensional as it was, Porter still made things happen.
If you don't believe me, read Chris Schultz's article on TSN.Ca. he got it right but then you guys are the experts and well, it's just Schultz. I am going to sit back and watch Porter continue to develop.
I actually hope Printers gets another game this year but only if we have been eliminated from the play-offs. I cannot reason with some of you with the facts. You believe that Printers is it. The few of us that see the facts will not convince you that Porter has the goods and Printers has some work to do on how he approaches his game.

Ya know what's also funny, DP74?

I was laying sod on a golf course
filling in a creek bed a long time ago.

Someone cast aside a sign
on the tee off area that said

"Tee off and then, pick your ball up
and carry it across the bridge.'

We were out of sight under that bridge
right in the bed of what had been a creek.

People innocently hit their 2nd shots,

balls careened dangerously off that bridge.

My co-workers shook their fists and swore at
the confused, and suddenly embarassed, golfers,

each and every one of them, all day long

They kept saying , why don't they listen!

They didn't realize that they hadn't told
the particular guys they were yelling at,

to stop hitting balls at them
even one time before.

I dont recognize THAT song ron, is it simon and garfunkel? :wink:

Casey did that in BC.

The only "fact" that has been in your posts was that Printers played in BC in the past. You are not even sure of the year. The rest of your posts have been opinion, supposition, and a loose argument based upon analysis that you accept as truth.

I'm just not ready to throw Printers under the bus (I hate cliche) because he has too much up side. You think he's washed up? Here are some facts:

He is only 28 yrs old. In the prime of his career and still coachable.
In 2004 started 18 games. Includes a playoff win. Benched in the Grey Cup for D. Dickenson in a game that was lost. (would they have won with Printers???)
2004 threw for 5088 yards. 2 games with a 90.9 comp% 6 games over 70% 35 TDs on the year.
2004 was MOP and was 1 of 8 BC players who were West Division All-Stars

And on and on...

With that resume (and time in 2 other seasons with BC) I'll give him the benefit of the doubt that he can get it done. He has been at the helm where a youthful team had a chance to win games against veteran clubs. Had the new players and rookies had the confidence they have now back then, the Cats could be 9-4 or 8-5. You state that he had great backs in the backfeild with him this year and that is just my point. The offence was built around the run. With those backs out, the pass is the focus. Has Printers had a chance to try out a pass first offence, (or even a ballanced offence) or a new regime offence yet? No. And THAT my friend IS a fact. He has only played under the offence and guidance of a coach that wanted him to facilitate the run game. I am willing to agrue that yes, the receivers and o-line for that matter have grown into the game in the last month. I think the stats show that. Just compare the number of dropped balls in the last 3 games compared to ANY 3 game stretch of Casey's time here. And clearly the o-line protection was the key to the prowess of the offence this past game, so yeah, they're coming along, late, but they're coming along. Lets see how Printers does with say 3 or four Eastern Div. All-stars to work with. True facts go a long way to explaining the QB situation.

I for one am overjoyed at the fact that Porter has shown up to play. I haven't seen that kind of play here in a long time. I hope they sign this kid long term and he turns out to be great. I am also greatful to have Printers here because he is proven and in the right situation, like the one about to occur with the Cats offence (re: ballance) I think that he can excell again. You should be glad that he is here too and not be so quick to rush to an emotional response. Again, nice try.

well I dunno there billydee. guess i just dumb and dont know nuttin bout anyting. Glad u are dere to tell me that i made a good try but faled. gosh darnit all. lol
SInce when did you become the person who decides has a good thought and who doesn't?
I believe that I had a few more facts than you stated , ie/ Printers had Jesse in the backfield and Porter didn't. It is truth that Porter has not played with Porter. But then, I am sure since you have gone through my thread tooth and nail, that you will refute this truth. The point in all my comments is that Porter had less to work with than Printers, that's all. You want to bash everything I say, enjoy! Time will tell
If you ask Schultz what he thinks and that is that Porter is the real deal and that Printers is second fiddle until injury or management say differently. Porter= player of the week. The FACTS are piling up but you go ahead and ride the Printers train all the way to the bank and then the bus or with his money, the plane.
I have watched the same games and still find it hard to see what you are saying that the schemes and offensive plan was not set up for Printers. He has receivers, a backfield and legs; A little more than what Porter has yet Printers fumbled snaps, double pumped on numerous ocassions only to drop the ball, run with it and fumble, thrown interception after interception. The list goes on... How can you refute this as fact and then claim that he is a proven commodity? What have you done for me lately? Well, Mr. Printers, we will give you 2 years to get ready to play at the level you played at in BC but we will still pay you more than anyone else in the league while you get ready. Fact or fiction? FACT! Do you blame the trainers for Printers injuries or that he came in here out of shape. For $400 000 a year, you better be ready to produce. I make less than that and if I don't produce from the get go, then I am gone. The QB job is up for grabs and I BELIEVE (not fact) that Porter is claiming dibs on it.
Time will tell.