Casey who?

Enough already. I was roasted on here by a few fellow fans for insisting (some would say in anger; I chose the word passion) that Printers be sent packing after Porter had a great second half of ball in Winterpeg a few weeks ago. They claimed that Porter had proven nothing and that he would flop next time out, that Printers was a great QB. I stated unequivocably that Porter had the goods to stabilize the offense. Once again, I was shot down and told that I did not know what I was talking about. Granted, the BC game was awful but Porter did not stand a chance and so criticism there is unfair I believe.
I was at the game tonight and you cannot argue that Porter has the poise and smarts to be a QB in this league. He has just enough leg to get out of trouble and knows when to do it ( yes, one sack was from the backend). He is not afraid to take a hit and is not a baby like sliding sally Calvillo. I once saw an older come over to Calvillo to shake his hand. Calvillo slid right in front of her because he thought the fan was going to hit him. ( just kidding).
Trade Printers and get a D lineman that can get to the QB more than once a month. Williams and Porter are a great 1-2 punch.
Got the gloves on and ready for the Casey fan club that still thinks he is the answer to our woes.

well said

Anyone know how long of a term Porters contract is with the Cats?

Porter is the real deal. He certainly played well in the Winnipeg game and proved he has what it takes in today's game. I am once again optimistic about the Cats after seeing his performance today. Good things to come.

Casey Printers has one more season left .

Not behind the centre he doesn’t. I was watching Marcel every time Porter came off the field. You could see Porter is his QB. There has not been that rapport with Printers.

Why are you slagging a guy who didn't even play today. Porter played great. It was awesome. It's really pathetic that some of my teams fans will never learn to just enjoy a win.

Go Cats!

Its the way of the Ticat fan... not sure if its the fact that they hate the starting QB no matter who it is? or they're just jealous of the money he's making... either way next year at this time if its Porter in the starting role they'll be all over him.

Have to give some credit to Casey. He knows there is a qb controversy but during the game you see him on the sidelines encouraging his teammates, cheering them on, clapping and patting them on the back when they come off the field.

It is nice to see someone not pout on the sidelines, standing there with there are crossed like a sore loser as has been seen by another qb from another team this year. Full credit to Casey for that. :thup:

hmmm. A little humble pie for Printers. He ate and now it is digesting. having said that, I have to say that Printers is taking his demotion well. If he is satisfied with $400 G's a year as a back-up, then all the power to him. Does anyone see anything wrong with a back-up getting $400 a year? Time will tell but Porter does have the skills and modesty to do the job. My beef is and I will let it go, is that Casey left a bad first impression with me with how he came in.
I saw our team work through the ups and downs in the game, fight through the adversity and not back down. That is what impressed me the most. We (the proverbial "we") will pass the Argo'nots for third and if Toronto beats the winterpeggers next week and the Winterpeggers lose the rest with Toronto losing the rest (notwithstanding next week) and we win 3 of 4, then we get to host the semi-final. Follow that? Check it out. It works!

Cute Printers loose immediatley - whatever he had in BC has been lost. He has absolutely no touch with the football. If he is not cut now - he will will be gone in the off season.

The QB can't do the job himself. The TEAM came together for the game and played to their potential. No disrespect to Porter, I think he is great, but what would all the Printers haters be saying if it was Printers behind center for this win? Would you be as up beat as you are now? Or are you just loving the fact that somebody other than Printers had success.

Personally, I think that with Printers and either Keith or Lumsden (or both) in the game the score might have been 50+ to 38. It was a TEAM win. Porter doesn't get half of the chances he had in that game without the D getting turnovers and great returns. The D isn't in a position to stop MTL without great kick coverage (less the first few MTL returns). I think you can see what I mean. It's a TEAM game. With the team playing as well as they did last night, Don Macpherson could have pulled off that win.

That said, I'm very glad that Printers and Porter both play for the Cats. A proven vet and an outstanding up-and-comer at QB bodes well for the future of the Cats. As said in other posts stop hating and enjoy the win.

A Cats win next week and I think The Peg and MTL will be afraid, very afraid. TO, they're done.

Why is it that if "a" player has a good game, then another has to be taken to the back parking lot and thrown in a dumpster?

Printers is done on October 8th trading deadline but if he makes it past this Wednesday, he will be cut in the offseason. No reason for him to be here taking up cap space. Bring on some better o and d lineman.

Well said HfxTC! It's because some people dislike a player so much for personal reasons that they use every chance they get to knock him down.

Porter was incredible today to say the least. The receivers were amazing too. The O-line provided time. IT was a great win. Porter can play ball but let's wait it out. I have no problem giving him another start. Maybe it's a defence mechanism against being super disappointed again but I'm not ready to call him the new saviour. Kevin Eakin threw for over 400 yards and four touchdowns in his first start. It does happen. A player comes out and is dynamite for a game. Even the much bashed Jason Maas had at least one great game last year (the home game against Winnipeg). It is cause for optimism but ultimately I think it will come down to how he plays the rest of the year (if he starts) and what happens at training camp next year.

The team still has weaknesses that need to be addressed. Don't hoist the qb too high and think everything is rosy in Catland. Quarterbacks do get the extreme ends of praise and criticism and it's a long way to the bottom.

I hope the team continues to play like they did today. The playcalling seemed much better and the receivers were making catches in traffic. Porter was getting the ball off quickly. The timing was great. Great game.

have to agree with that

It’s a very subtle thing going on here. Some believe that I and a small minority are bashing Printers, while the VAST MAJORITY think that Printers is a proven QB. The criteria here being 1 good year back in 2004 or was it 2003. The year does not matter. He had one good year, demanded more money, didn’t get it, helped cause a rift in the locker room and left for the NFL. I am willing to ignore these facts and look at his time in the Hammer. Moments and flashes of 2003 or 2004, but nothing consistent. As most of you are hardened athletes and know the importance of the pyschology of the game, you realize that it is here where the problem lies; He is trying to hard! If he were to relax and take a different approach, he would be successful. It is, as I am sure all of you know, called MENTAL TOUGHNESS. Printers might have it but he has not demonstrated it. Potential is not performance.
Here is the subtle part. The MAJORITY who believe that Casey is the guy still are, by their very own words not giving Porter the benefit of the doubt. The theme being, that we will wait and see on Porter, that many QB’s are a flash in the pan and do not sustain the success over a long period of time.
So, to sum up: Porter has played 2 and half games (yes, including the BC game; not his fault, the O line didn’t show up) with poise and confidence, demonstrating a good, accurate arm, enough leg do get out of trouble and patience and smarts in and out of the pocket. Now, 2 and a half games hardly speaks to consistency but it all starts somewhere. State 2 and a half games that Casey has played that equal Porter’s output. they don’t even have to be in a row.
Time will tell but my gut says that Porter has the right approach and MENTAL TOUGHNESS to get the job done.

Not a very fair way to compare. Casey played the majority of his games with a raw set of receivers, a completely inconsistent o-line and no help from his defence. Even then he helped the team to a position where they could win some games. Now in the later parts of the year, the receivers have some momentum, the o-line showed up and the defence played much better having worked within the system for a while. Also, and probably most importantly, the offence was, for most of Printers starts, a RUN FIRST, RUN MOST offence. His tasks were completely different from that of Porter's the last few games. 2 different games and 2 different game plans. In BC he played in a more ballanced offence, like will it will be for the Cats when some injured RBs come back, and he excelled. In that scenario I think they were about equal, if not with an advantage to Printers for experience and playoff games. Nice try though.

My favourite example of this is a game against Calgary that occasionally pops up on ESPN Classic, from 1990 I think.

Both teams were up and down the field all game, Mike Kerrigan vs. Danny Barrett. Hamilton would keep making it close and Calgary would pull ahead a little more. Finally we hold them to a field goal late in the game so that we've got the ball only down one score (6 pts), with about a minute left. Kerrigan drives the team down to around the Calgary 11 yard line, but ends up throwing an incomplete pass on 3rd and 2 with about 15 seconds left.

We lose 46-40.

Then what do I hear a guy a couple of rows in front of me say?

"They should've put Dillon in.'

:roll: :roll: :roll:

Good points on both sides here but no matter how much I like Casey, I think Porter is the guy for all kinds of reasons, not the least is his poise in the pocket and his accuracy and quick reads. If he can do this in only his second start, I can't imagine what he could do after a few more weeks with these guys.
I like Printers but there is something not right there and I don't want another two years like we had with Maas before we cut him loose. Casey might be, like Mass, nothing but a very competent backup. Unfortunately, for the money we are paying him, he can't stay as a backup.

Here is a question for you. If you could sign Lumsden for the money you save by cutting Printers loose, is it worth it? As far as I am concerned, I'd take the chance on Lumsden. Use the Printers money to sign Lumsden for one more year and if he can put his injuries aside we win big time. If Lumsden still wants to go he can go at the end of next year unless we can resign him.