Casey Wants to pass for 5,500 Yards in 08

This will likely not happen
Marcel Likes to run the ball.
He likes to pass Short
He Runs a Ball Control Offence.

Unless There our Major Changes it won't happen.

And according to you, if Jojuan goes to Toronto Casey will automatically be out for the season... so i dont like his chances either :wink:

Crash I am just saying ..Pro Football Players like to Show former Teams they Made a Mistake Not Resigning Them.

Every Time Jojuan played BC He Played well.
I can see him doing same for Toronto
If He Signs there.

He is a Linebacker They Love to Hit and Tackle.
They Like to Eat QB for Lunch.
Our OL Last year was very good Run Blocking
Pass blocking was not so good.
So Casey Ran Making him a Huge Target.

Add it up and it Could bye bye Casey.

Timmy Chang broke a yardage record in NCAA with a ball control offence.

And if this theory held true every QB would be injured seeing how I am sure every team has a player that played for anyother team at some point.


Hawaii's idea of ball control is to throw a 5 yard pass. I don't think they have one running play in their play book.

Marcel B ruined Toni Calvillo's career and will most likely do the same with Casey.

Hopefully Marcel realizes that it's better to be balanced rather than predictable.


Sorry, how did Marcel ruin Anthony Calvillo's career again?

You know what hurt Mr. Cavillo's career? I am going with a combination of his 35th birthday and the subsequent deterioration of his arm strength. Not to mention all the off field distractions in his personal life.

But that is just me.

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Somehow I can't see Obie stocking up on talented receivers to help Casey Printers and then allowing Marcel B to concentrate on a running game.

I predict that with the new OC, (who likes to run the ball), and with our good, young O-Line in their second year together, Jesse will easily run for 1000 yards, and Caulley will also have more than a few 100 yard games.

And to the pessimists who think the new OC will result in Printers being ineffective as a deep ball thrower: even in a ball control offence, you need a QB who can air it out deep every once in a while to mix it up. The run sets up the pass.

And something to look forward to that people aren't really discussing: the fact that Printers is a real threat to run the ball himself.

we are stocked to the max with young talented receivers who aren't that far away from being great themselves.Armstead, Murphy, Bauman, and Jason French all have plenty of potential, and Brock Ralph can still catch 45- 60 balls himself. The one thing we are missing how ever is that seasoned experienced guy who can catch 90-100 balls. Not to mention Caulley and Lumsden are very good pass receiving backs.I could see Casey coming near his wish, without taking away from Jesse. Our offense has so much young potential, and should be one of the best over the next few years

Just one question, in the part 2 interview with Casey. What the heck does "trickulate" mean?...

He invented it.

I think saying murphy has potential is a little bit of an overstatement.

He’s probably as good as he’ll ever be.

Well, I don't know about that. It depends on the way you look at things. Casey is extremely talented. There are many talented QBs in the CFL, but none are going to be sucessful if you do not have a running game, or someone to protect the QB to give him a little time and protections and for crying out loud, you must have someone to CATCH the ball. I believe Casey could meet his goals, but like he said during the interview, everyone has to buy into the mission and be to give 100% to ensure that each and every goal the team makes is met. I like Casey Printers, I think he is positive and energetic.

i agree, i just added him in there because he probably will be one of our starting 6 receivers next year. I think our starting 6 will be yet to be named, Armstead, Ralph, Murphy, Bauman, French and Walker.

Walker better not start! I'd rather see Gaylord than Walker.

  1.  triculate  	
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To slowly move or ooze in no particular direction

As the Ran Came down it triculates down my back

Even with a different spelling, it's still not a real word.

It will be soon.

If Colbert can do it, why can't Casey Printers :wink:.

Because, Colbert is a God.

Maybe we can get him on board with Triculate.