Casey to Start- Lions have a chance!!!

Wow! Miracle recovery I'd say. Even if this was a marty york story I would not believe it. Cannot believe Casey will be able to play with a sprained thumb. Have you ever had a sprained thumb and tried to play football. Unreal pain. And to play quarterback with that. No way. Someone on the west coast has to sneak into practise to see who actually is running the first team. Maybe Paul Brothers will come out of retirement and start!!! :cowboy: :smiley:

Lions have a chance? Who's playing on defence? If it's the same guys as last week, then the Lions don't have a prayer. :stuck_out_tongue:

Tabbies should prepare for a healthy Printers and dont be surprised if Pierce is ready to go as well :cowboy: 8)

Did your mommy help you with that observation?

We all saw that bad Lions last week. They are inconsistent enough that we might even see the good Lions on Sunday :cowboy:

Boy, you have all the quips, don't you? Why do I feel like I'm back in high school whenever I read one of your posts...? :expressionless:

Printers has not set the league on fire in the games he's played for the Leos this year!
Pierce is one hit away from hanging up his cleats!
The Cats defence will take care of whoever is playing qb for the Lions!

Why don't they gives their third sting QB a go? what's his name? T something?

in any case, I bet he will be getting some game time in Hamilton cuz I can't see CP pulling though the game, at least he will have an excuse for his poor play and will not get the boot in the off season.

Maybe the mascot can play qb too!


Can't wait to see the Lions play Hamilton at Ivor Wynne. Just love how this turned out. Will actually get to go to the game. Should be a great atmosphere. Go Lions!

maybe they can run the wildcat the whole game :lol: if printers thumb is broken on his throwing hand how will he control the ball impossible ,Buck well he's 1 hit from a wheelchair ,lulay shoulder and the kid that went in friday well he's not ready and the way the O line played for them last week the tabbies D will have a hayday and if the lions D doesn't step it up for glen and the tabbies O it'll be a one slider just like halloween when my beloved riders took a cold water bath on both sides of the ball :oops: :oops: :oops:
so the only chance the LEOS have against the tabbies is
1.the cats play QP instead of KG
2.the cats all get the flu
3. they rest all there starters
4. sign MB to save the day :lol: :lol:

We do have a chance but the main question comes down to our defense. Aparently a bunch were sick last week so that likely really didn't help. IF we can get everybody healthy for sunday, we should make a game out of it. Even then, we still have to find a way to stop Cobb...

Give Rodney another cha-yance....