Casey thinks he is the Knight in Shining armour

Porter and Williams CAN get it done!

  1. First year as established starter of a 3-15 team in 2007...consistency? LOL Williams has also been up and down like a toilet seat this year. Again!

  2. From the West Mountain. :wink:

  3. Yes. That's what happens when one benches the MOP for the Grey Cup and you don't get it done. Not all on Printers's plate. Guys take sides.

Oski Wee Wee,

another ally!

printers can do quite well when all is well, but when the going gets tough, he quits.

not to mention he seems to be made of Papier-mâché

See, that is more discussable. LOL That's more of a "we shall see" issue. Chiefs cut him. Cats may release him eventually. The "quit" thing is curious when teams do that.

Oski Wee Wee,

However this game ends up, I believe that Porter gets a shot at starting next week, well except for that missed field goal. My point stands. Printers has lost the confidence of the team

I am saying if things gets tough during a game, he quits on the game.

I'm on your side! I've been on that side since he swaggered his over priced injury prone butt into this city! I'm happy that I'm not alone on this side, thank you!
You may all proceed to jump all over me as well now, I'm not really caring at this point.

What does Williams inconsistency have to do with Printers? Nothing. Don't confuse the issue oui oui! The issue is that Printers cannot consistently move this offence and Porter seemed to do alright tonight. SHort of Robichaud blowing the snap, I believe that Porter moved the ball enough to send this game into overtime. How is this not discussable. Casey implodes after one bad play, Porter picks himself up and calmly walks back to the huddle and gets 10 yards. Casey puts on a show on every play; either a tantrum when they fail or a full out celebration with streamers and party favours when they make a play, exageration mine!

magickcandy, finally someone that is seeing what I see. I have been saying this for a long time and people here are shocked at my comments and do not get where I am coming from. Porter when in and did what he had to, no pomp and circumstance, big hand gestures, looks, hands wide open to the refs or his receivers. His receivers watch his reactions to their dropped balls and I am sure they are not pleased. Porter was calm and cool; confident and not getting too high or two low. We can fend off the critics here until they send Casey over to the Argos to be their back-up. Good ridance!

I wonder how much of this is due to pressure. In the #1 QB, Printers is under pressure to achieve and appears to be trying to do too much. Whereas Porter, hell...he's the back up. If he screws up, well what does one expect....he's only the back up.

If Porter was somehow to become the #1 QB and Printers was moved, how would Porter deal with the added pressure of having to be #1 and having to get good and consistent results. Especially with this front line.

Come on man. Rewind your PVR.. watch Porters big run and slide. the guy gets up and goes nuts in celebration.

I think its great when a player gets worked up and excited, but you cant criticize one player for doing it and not another, its as hypocritical as you can get.

Porter played well. I caution you though:

The last 2 first-year backup QB's we had played well in relief as well, FOR ONE GAME!!!

For those of you with blinders on, their last names were Chang and Eakin...

The next game they started, they were DESTROYED!!!

From being at the game....

Porter looked good BUT he is a drop-back passer that moved into a drop-back offence against a team that had no film on him.

All year long it has been clear that our offensive schemes have NOT been suited to Printers (or Williams for that matter). Casey isn't a drop-back passer. Our O-line doesn't provide enough protection and we rarely use a roll-out scheme.

Porter IS a drop-back passer and has a quicker release. That means that he's both more comfortable AND more effective in our schemes. However, let the other teams analyze him as leader of the offense and they will find our holes quickly enough.

Potential... sure. That's what is it, right now.

diehardticat27 i think u have no idea what u are taking about if u really watch a game how many dropps were there tonite,there was alot. alot of good balls thrown and not caught , and when printers was out who was helping porter on the side line i was also watchin and y was cheerin when we made big plays, if guys dont play for him y would they listen to him??????

Casey Printers is not worth the paycheck he recieives. the ti-cats havce to get rid of the loosing culture they have in hamilton and getting rid of printers is a step in the right direction. the game against edmonton drove me nuts. when he threw those interceptions to Goss he made the worst attempt at making the tackle and goss made him look silly. That doesnt make him much of a competitor to me. Props to porter on his performance tonite.

8) At least if he said that, he would be telling the absolute truth !!!! :lol:
yes, there are other issues. However, I can think of a few better things to do with Casey's money, than give it to him. Consistency is the key. you point out one game. One game doesn't do it oski oui oui! Where is Jesse now? Consistency! No sense arguing with most of you here. You all believe that Printers is the answer. I don't and never will!
When Printers came to town....I was very upbeat. I had high hopes for him leading the Cats out of 5 years of basement crawling. As time and game after game has come and gone..... I'm with you....diehardticat27. What ever Printers had in long, long, gone. He will not be leading the Offence in 2009. You can bank....on it.


this is the last I will adress xtybe. He changes his position with each and every thread. Read them for himself. He loves Printers one minute and the next, would be happy to see him go. Here's the deal xtybe, Porter had moved the team down the field and made something out of nothing on that play. I am okay with those type of celebrations much like Prechae's catch to set up their 3rd TD. You have to admit ( try hard now) that arm pumping and jumping up and down ( for lack of a better phrase) is not necessary after a 5-10 yard catch. This is exactly what Printers does every time. Porter had some nice stretches and we will see as Mark says. I am not saying that Porter or even Williams is necessarily the answer. Off the bench, I agree is not the same as starting (Mass) but at least they moved the ball and acted like it was second nature not New Year's every play.
I am not sure what you are saying Kovacs; That porter listened to Printers on the sidelines so therefor Printers has the team's ear. Porter has no choice but to listen.
Unlike xtybe, we will see if Porter/Williams gets "DESTROYED" next game or not. The point is, Printers is out!
Thanks for the support SJRiley. Glad that I am not the only one seeing this.