Casey thinks he is the Knight in Shining armour

47 seconds left in the half, Casey double pumps at the 20 yard line and drops the ball. He recovers but comes up limping. next posession, the prince comes out limping to the huddle. What does any good defence do? They blitz because they know he cannot run...
Casey is a thorn in this teams side and needs to go. I hope his quad tightens up more than the thickness in his head and he cannot play the second half. All you casey fans, go ahead and jump on me and tell me how I am wrong about this arrogant big talking about all the great things he is going to do. When?

give it up.
its not healthy to have so much hate in your system.

The Ticats are done if they put an injured QB in to start the second half. Porter or Williams have to play now.

O Line!

You see arrogant, I see competitive. That being said, I hope Porter plays in the second half. The LAST thing we need is an injured Printers.

I dont get what people wanted him to say when he came in here?? Oh hey I dont expect to win many games, the teams junk, dont hold your breath for a decent team.

I don't hate, just tired of the same ole stuff. The arm pump and the celebration after every completion, whether it is 5 yards or 25 yards. Name one other QB that celebrates after every throw? Is Printers confidence that low that one throw is the be all and end all.
I wanted him to come in and tell us he was going to work hard and help the team win. Instead, he came in and said that the losing was over and a new winning attitude was going to start now. That is arrogance!

casey is out, Excellent! Now, we have a chance!

And in 2nd half, we do see Porter because of injured Printers.

Will Printers numbers remain at 8/19 for 110 passing yards (on the night?

So what happens if porter and williams cant get it done. Where is all that ridiculous anger and bitterness going to be directed?

Adam Tafralis :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


hey xtybe, got two words for ya: Porter = touchdown.
Casey who? “ridiculous anger and bitterness?”. Your interpretation of anger is my passion for the sport and my team. I want them to win as bad as you do but I have watched and analyzed printers his entire career and he cannot get it down. Why do you think BC did not want him back? Guys don’t play for him!

Please point out where the Cats didn't play for Printers in Week 2 against the Argos or last week as an example. Thank you in advance.

Hint: did Lumsden lie down on Casey in the game at Rogers Centre? After say, 189 yards rushed? LMAO

It's a 2-9 team FFS. The issues facing this team go beyond Printers.

Without a consistent passing attack built on DECENT pass protection, you can't win consistently in this league. I got that "analyzing" the CFL in my seventh year. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

yes, there are other issues. However, I can think of a few better things to do with Casey's money, than give it to him. Consistency is the key. you point out one game. One game doesn't do it oski oui oui! Where is Jesse now? Consistency! No sense arguing with most of you here. You all believe that Printers is the answer. I don't and never will!

I think money is a big issue. The ticats need more help elsewhere than they can afford right now. If Porter and Williams can do the job between them. Printers should be deemed expendable.

Casey Printers cannot win with this roster as consituted, the system as schemed, the gameplan as executed on a consistent basis.

cannot win with this roster as consituted, the system as schemed, the gameplan as executed on a consistent basis.

It’s more than a 450K issue.

It’s more than dumping on Casey because he leads with his chin and fumbles, bumbles, and stumbles behing one of the worst pass-protection O-lines I’ve ever seen in Canada.

You made the blanket comment that players don’t play for him. Geroy Simon? 'Scuse me? What were you analyzing in 2004?

Oski Wee Wee,

Money in terms of him not earning it

hey xtybe. 2 words for ya: Porter = touchdown! Casey who?

oski oui oui, 1 year! consistency, again! hey are you from Quebec? got family there!
lots of division in the BC locker room when he was there