Casey the copout!

Crash: Apologies.
It looked to me in your response to my post you were using sarcasm to make the point that Printers WAS injury-prone. I grabbed the wrong handle.
I usually don't respond to these inflammatory(copout) threads.

I disagree. I am sure that his toe disagrees, too.

Well i disagree with you. making you wrong :wink:

Printers isn't injury prone. I just believe he thinks whenever he gets knicked, "I'm not going to risk getting killed behind this poor pass-blocking O-line and receiving corps who hangs me out to dry. I think, instead, I'll hit the sidelines, and wait for the extra help that will come during 2008 training camp. That way, I'll spend more time being interviewed after wins, and less time at Hamilton General Hospital."

Smart QB.

If you expect one player to turn a team from a failure into a success midway through a season, you're insane. He's a great player and will be a great investment. Plus, with Richie as your backup, you're fine:)

and at this point i would like to bring up the initials A.C.

Casey isnt any more or less injury prone than all other mobile QB's in this league... Burris, Bishop, Joseph, Brady, etc. Its part of being mobile and we all have to accept that he isnt Danny Mac who will rarely get hit.

True, Danny Mac, and even Damon Allen, have been out with this kind of hand injury.

It's hard to find any quarterback on any team, who was consistently in top form this year.

This is what makes me laugh around here. When we were struggling with Danny Mac everyone said we need a mobile QB.

Well this is what you get with mobile qb's. I would like someone to name one mobile qb that has taken signifigant snaps that hasn't been hurt at some point this season.

Casey is gonna be great next season . He needs some decent recievers who know how to get open when he scrambles ala ,Simon ect .

I think our offence looked very good the last few games when he was in thier . He moved the ball very well and if not for dropped passes they would of had some more scores .

I`m thinking that when we get Jesse back and Cauley there is no end to what we can do with the ball as far as our running game and bootlegs ect ....

Casey has won the MVP , so we know he has the tools . He needs an offseason and training camp and some new recievers and he`ll be great !!!

I would like someone to name one mobile qb that has taken signifigant snaps that hasn't been hurt at some point this season.
mcnabb garcia vince young

Okay well first of all Vince Youngf has been hurt and missed a game this year.

And if you want to get technical with things, while McNabb hasn't been hurt this season he has been injury plagued his entire career.

Also, since this is a CFL board I was refering to the QB's in the CFL.

:twisted: :lol: :P

You do get Garcia though, and being a CFl fan / 49er fan I love that guy!!

interesting to note that I think he is presently the second passer rated ahead of Manning right now, of the ones who played enough to count.

Mobile QBs who scramble risk getting hurt more than the more pylonesque pocket types. Bernie Faloney is one example of a truly great Ticat QB who did get hurt playing the style he did. The issue is not to change a guy who has been successful with an attacking, scrambling approach -- you simply have to ensure that you have capable backups to take over if the worst should happen.

It does not hurt to surround a mobile talent like Casey with a good running attack (check), a line that doesn't screw up with its pass protection, receivers who can run patterns correctly to get separation and get open quickly, and an OC or playcalling HC who isn't predictable so as to ensure the pivot has to scramble for his life every second play. There is more to it than trying to wrap Casey in bubble wrap from one's armchair to improve the odds he can remain healthy. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

WOW!!!! Your post are laughable. Unbelieveable..... I would love to see one of you FANS, step on the field with less than a week to prepare, do not know the plays and be effective with a poor offensive line and receivers that can not catch a cold, and see if you can even walk off the field. Casey Printers and his receiving core has not had very much time to work with one another. They have to get to know him and vice-versa. The offensive line has to block or CP, and any other QB will not last very long......behind a o-line that my grandmother can run through.

You guys keep chucking shiat at every player and coachthat comes to Hamilton and you wonder why, your team looks like a cat trying to clean a clinger off its ...

Casey will get the job done, he just needs something to work with.

trade printers for sure the argos would LOVE to make that trade with u.
Is Bishop going into an option year on his contract? If such a trade took place, I would want something extra for Casey; say Bishop plus someone worth while from the Argo pass defense.

This isn't because I think Casey is better than Bishop, but rather because Bob Young has spent a bundle to bring Printers here and would need to be reimbursed to some extent.

All in all, "possibly" not a bad idea.


We have had opportunities to take other equally talented QB's for considerably less money than Casey. We passed. While Casey is remarkably talented, he comes at a hefty price. With his payroll, there isn't much room to beef up the O-Line. That's a dangerous situation to be in.
Do you know what you are talking about?
====>>>> While Casey is remarkably talented, he comes at a hefty price. <<<<<=======
Yes, hefty by CFL standards. But when you think that a Tony Romo (Dallas) can fetch 67.5 million, a half million is chicken feed in comparison.
And to think that Tony Romo wasn't even drafted.
So, CP is a steal in my eyes, and give him some talent around him - he will be worth every penny. I wish people would just lay off, and give CP a chance, & the benefit of the doubt.

The Eagle - :thup: :thup: :thup: