Casey the copout!

Can this guy not take a hit at all. Cause if thats the case maybe the cats management should think about upgrading the offensive line to protect the half a million dollar mistake.

Casey has had a run of bad luck this year...Over the winter he'll have time to heal up and be as good as new next year...He's a proven performer...

He smashed his finger against the helmet
or shoulder pads of an onrushing player
when he was following through on a pass.

It's either dislocated or broken, mgbfan.

Printers will be back next year with a full training camp under his belt, and an improved O-Line and receiving corps.

That, plus, Lumsden and Caulley running the rock = victories.

Don't kid yourselves, he will not play a full season. He is indeed injury prone. Part of it is dumb luck and the other part is his all or nothing approach to the game. If we are smart we keep Richie and Chang firing on all cylinders because we are going to need them. Follow the BC approach of QB development and we will be fine.

mgbfan: Unfair comment. It was a fluke. He wasn't hit. He hand hit another player when he was passing.

We can take it even further and say...

  1. Hamstring was not because of a hit, perhaps it was lack of game shape

  2. Back spasms was a result of trying to do too much with a throw across his body.

Neither came from a hit.

Uh,oh. Looks like the "Run Printers Out Of Town" train has left the station.

KP will be fine for 2008 and will play well. I wish I was as optimistic about his O-line and receivers.

An Argo-Cat fan


Football players get injured all the time. He'll be more than fine.


You stick your hand in the air and hit an oncoming players helmet. Then tell us Casey is injury prone. You would be lucky to walk away with a dislocated finger.

QB is the one area we are in great shape for a change. We have to worry about finding some veteran DB's and receivers. We can not start another year with unproven rookies. Lets hope its in our budget.

I saw Casey's finger when he came off the field. It was at a 45 degree angle from his other digits...definitely not a cop out.

This is the year of the injured QB in this league. It's happened to 'em all, save for Joseph.

'08 has to be better for all of them.

OP needs to learn that COPOUT not equal to INJURY PRONE.

trade printers for sure the argos would LOVE to make that trade with u.

What the hell are you talking about? im making the case that he ISNT injury prone… and that all 3 injuries were not a result from hits.

This site kills me sometimes.


What do you mean that Casey tried to kill someone? Who do you think you are?!?!


As Crash has poitned out, none of his injuries was caused by a hit.

Sure he his finger impacted on someone or a helmet or some such, but it wasn't caused by the typical "footbal hit"

And as zebo pointed out, it's just tough luck. Stuff happens.

To me, consistently becoming injured without taking a hit, clearly makes one “injury prone”.

Regardless, of what you’re saying, Crash… I do believe that Casey is injury prone.

In fact, I predicted that Casey would be out for the season within a few games of signing. (Miller91 - Where are you to back me up!? :wink: )

Printers has a history of injury. Combine this with an Offensive Line that has more holes than cheese from Geneva and you have a recipe for disaster.

We have had opportunities to take other equally talented QB’s for considerably less money than Casey. We passed. While Casey is remarkably talented, he comes at a hefty price. With his payroll, there isn’t much room to beef up the O-Line. That’s a dangerous situation to be in.

Casey isnt any more or less injury prone than all other mobile QB's in this league... Burris, Bishop, Joseph, Brady, etc. Its part of being mobile and we all have to accept that he isnt Danny Mac who will rarely get hit.