Casey... Sandlot football?

So, Casey wrenched his back!

That'll happen when you spend 70% of your day rolling out and firing the ball deep... that puts a tremendous strain on a fella's torso!

Is there no game plan? Are we just playing sandlot ball to finish off this disaster of a season while showcasing our new saviour's (impressive) arm strength?

Looks like it to me!

Having said that, I'm really liking Caulley's heart, determination, and talent! He could switch numbers with Dwight Anderson and I'd swear I'm watching Jimmy Edwards again!

Jimmy Edwards.... sigh!

He's just doing what he said he was going to do, which is put this team on his back, I guess his back just couldn't take it lol.

It's not sandlot football he's just doing what he has to do to give this group of receivers the time they need to get open.

Printers is doing exactly what he did when he was a BC Lion . getting outside containment and launching rockets downfield . Just wait till next season , he`ll be awesome !!!!!

Hey UB40 Thanks for bringing up Jimmy Edwards. He had to be one of the most exciting players ever to wear the black and gold stripes. Wish I could find some footage of him somewhere.

Your coaches have to tailor an offence around him to his skills. I think if they do that you will be very entertained next year.

Jimmy Edwards.
Thanks for that!

Jimmy Edwards.... sigh!
Ah yes, the great Jimmy Edwards along with his running mate Doyle Orange !!! This duo fondly remembered as "Thunder & Lightening" !!!

Another great back comes to mind, none other than Johnny Sheperd !!!!! Sheer excitement every time he touched the ball !!!

Don't forget Obie Graves!

He wasn't around long but he did get us into the 1980 Grey cup! And then....

Oh, never mind!