Casey Pulled Himself Out Of The Game

Following landing on his shoulder on the sidelines Casey pulled himself out of the game. In the Province Casey told Buck Pierce to be ready and made the decision to come out even though landing on the shoulder wasn't the reason for not returning. Printers was 10 for 16 but had thrown two interceptions and wasn't moving the team.

Jason Cleremont said it was a selfless act....stating Printers shoulder wouldn't loosen up even though he had rested it on Thursday and Friday, resulting in missed throws. Printers, realizing his arm was giving him problems wanted Pierce to have the opportunity to win the game.

According to the article the shoulder is improving but the muscles are a day to day thing and Printers thinks it needs the shoulder situation to be reevaluated. You have to give Printers credit for giving way to provide the team a better chance for a victory. Sometimes I think the things that are said about Printers are unfair. He's never used the excuse of lack of reps for an excuse for not playing well and has always taken responsibility for his play.
He's a team guy just like Dickenson is.

Now is a good time for Printers to rest the shoulder and do some rehab.

I'm looking forward to Casey being back in form soon. I'd rather see him out for a while now, and have him back to form for the playoffs...a place I know the Lions will be in.