Casey Printers

I just wanted to get some thought about the Casey Printers situation in BC. Throughout the last week Printers has been very vocal about his position with BC , and feels he deserves mroe than what he is getting.

Personally I think BC has to dump one of the QB's,. I know theyr're in an envious position with having 2 good QB's, but realistically they are both starters in the league, and neither will be happy if they're not starting every game.

I think BC should stick with Printers and dump Dickenson. The man passed for over 5000 yards and 35 TD's, come on. He is the most exciting QB in the league and deserves some playing time. Buono don't tell me Dickenson is better than Printers. If Printers played, BC could very well be defending champs, but Buono made the wrong decision, and went with Dickenson, who didn't do shit.

Although Printers is beign arrogant about the situation, i think he's got a right to be. He's the League MVP and he's getting shit on by his team, and he's robbing the fans of getting to see him play.

Just my take

...........are you his agent?............ honest now, because I think a lot of people are going to disagree with you dude..........

haha no i'm not his agent.

You would take DIckenson??, yeah, I would...........but that's because I'm bias from all the years Dave played here.........and I get 10% of DD's contract.........

Well if you can get 10% then I understand.

Realistically Printers is better

........I"d like to see a second season before I'd commit to that claim........

Casey's not being treated unfairly. Yes, he had an awesome season last year, MVP and all.

However, he is still under contract to be paid $65 000 this year. If he thinks he's worth so much more, why didn't he just sign a one-year deal? So he's upset that he's still under contract and he's not making as much as Dickenson, do you think if he got $400 000 this year and had a mediocre season he would give the Lions that money back? No way. This is the kind of attitude that made the NHL what it is today.

Also, what if he bombs in this league in the next few seasons? It wouldn't be the first time someone has an unbelievable year then goes to crap afterwards. He has shown he has talent. In my opinion, he has to prove he's consistent before he gets the kind of money Calvillo, Dickenson, et al earn.

Also, Ricky Ray didn't demand his $400 000 salary - teams were in a bidding war for him. If Casey wants that, he should wait until he's a free agent, or shut the hell up and for now just be happy to be second-string behind a proven champion QB on a strong Grey Cup contending team.

hmm....Dickenson..proven QB
...........Printers....played one good year.

im gonna go with DD on this one.

and I guess DD. would start in the Grey Cup again.....if they get there.

I talked what a thought about in my topic, I think we should meaged these two topics togerther.

I'd like to see what Casey does in season number 2. Yes he was MVP, yes he is fun to watch. Yes Dave D can be injury prone. Dave will start against Toronto, if he falters or gets injured don't be surprised if Buck Pierce backs up DD. Rumour has it that Printers is still nursing a shoulder injury as well as his Toe surgery. I think Wally was quoted on the radio on the post game Thursday night...."Why rush him back if we don't have to. Let him heal 100%'

Works for me.

I agree that Printers should see out the rest of his contract before seeking more money, but the guy needs playing time. Dickenson is a proven QB in the league, but you cannot discredit Printers because he's been in the league for 1 year. I think he would put up great numbers again if he plays this year.
If BC wants Dickenson at QB then fine, but don't let Printers ride the pine.

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Lions offered Printers $1 million dollars for 3 years and he wanted $1.5 million. For a guy who's played 14 CFL games that's pretty egotistical. I really like Printers and Dickenson. The best way to put it is that Printers isn't better than Dickenson but more exciting. Dickenson just goes about his business and runs the offence without flare. Printers had a good season last year and who knows if he can do it again. Last season, he was an unknown and this year, he isn't.

Printers is recovering from injuries so Dickenson is the starter. Enough said. Until he gets healthy, then I might worry about it. If either QB doesn't like it then Buck Pierce looked pretty good too in pre season so watch out.

that is why i see him going to the ticats then the lions

I would like to know what championship Dickinson won, because as far as I know the only ring he has is when he was Garcias back up.

Double D has not one the big one only backed up.

Casey now is blaming the media for all these problems. Hmmm make an enemy of the press. I can see you will not get much print Casey that will be in favor of him. It is to bad he is a good QB but allows his personality to get in the way.

Now that you meason it, Sportsmen, I like to entertain the motion of a CFL team in Alaska.