Casey Printers

I heard that casey printers is #4 on the depth chart for the chiefs.should teh bombers try to earn his rights from BC.then we will have a proven QB.

any thoughts?

If you think the Bombers can afford him , why not? Printers wants to be a #1 guy, and he would fit in the Peg nicely. If you did manage to get him, then I would say that the Bombers would be a force to be reckoned with in the East.

hard to believe they have him 4th on the depth chart…could his MOP season have been just a flash in the pan…if he does get cut, he would have to clear waivers, and assuming he does, doesnt BC still have his CFL rights…so wouldnt the bombers have to trade with the Lions to get him…too many ifs in that scenario…

Ibrahim Khan for Casey Printers? Lions need offensive linemen....

that would be a reasonable trade

Khan for Printers rights? Not so sure.

;;;Khan has really settled into the Winnipeg scene....doubt that trade would ever happen....BUT,...maybe Banks and Jermese Jones for Caseys rights might work....whoever signs him... better have a whack of cash.....IF he returns to the CFL...... :wink:

Here is what Trent Green (Starting KC quarterback) had to say about Casey Printers recently, to me it sounds like he isn't going anywhere for a while.....

Q: What do you think of those new quarterbacks?

GREEN: “They’re good. Gosh, they got a lot of talent. Casey Printers has got a cannon for an arm, great feet. You can tell he’s been in Canada because it’s a much different game. I was only there for three or four weeks and got to watch it because it’s a bigger field, 12 on 12, three downs. He just needs to get a little more fine-tuned in terms of understanding the pocket and it’s a little bit different from that aspect, but he’s got all the tools to do it. He’s got a cannon for an arm and he’s done a great job studying. He’s with Coach Terry Shea all the time learning the offense and I think that’s carried over. Anytime that you can step into a huddle and call the plays with the wording that we have he’s obviously spent some time

HELL YA!!!!!!

wait, has hell frozen over? Sambo is being NICE to the Bombers???? :?

I don't think printers will want to stay more than year in the nfl if he stays 4th string in Kansas city(like Ricky Ray and the jets). If he does come back to the CFL, I'm pretty sure he'll be a FA(wasn't last year his option with bc?), and he'll be demanding a very high salary $400,000+. Winnipeg and Toronto would most likely be the only teams attempting to sign him if he does indeed return for '07.

...if that ends up being the scenario...advantage Toronto...the Bombers would have to sell the farm sign him :roll:

Well papa,what you could do if Hebert makes a deal with you is to trade him to the lions for the rights to Printers if he should get cut by the Chiefs. There is 200,000 for salary right there. Im sure the Bombers could come up with another 150 thou to get him. It may not be the highest salary for a QB, but if Printers wants to play this season, this could be his best option if KC cuts him…

Hell has frozen over, and 7 nuclear bombs just went off over Quebec and the maritime killing 12,000+, SAMBO IS BEING NICE TO THE BOMBERS!!!

...the only thing wrong with your proposal that Hebert sounds like he is hell bent on playing in the nfl...i would love to make that deal...maybe the lions could convince him to play in lotus land...would sure pick the lions 'd' up...but another fly in the ointment is that T.O. will be all over Printers like flys on honey... they'd be on the line to Wally real quick ...with players and cash you can be sure of that..I sure wouldn't mind going all out to secure Printers...but right now it looks like a little bit of a stretch :roll:

BC would cut Dave and pay Printers. Printers loved it in BC, he made roots in BC. He just did not want to be second string to Dave. I say BC would be his first choice. If anything Winnipeg could make a deal to bring in Dave for a run at the cup.

likely either Van could have to trade Dickenson in this scenario, or he could end up in Toronto. That team would likely pay a lot to get the heir to take over after Damon Allen. That guy can't play till 50 can he?

Though if any QB could it would be Allen

Hmmm Worth thinking about. But if Casey doesn't work out, both Chicago and one of the New York teams had shown an interest. I think Casey will be trying out for clip board holding a little bit longer.

There was also the rumour that Dickenson could be dealt to Calgary if Casey ever came back as Dickenson has some roots there. ( A relative in the Calgary organization...I think)

...after that whoopin' the Leos laid on the cowboys last night...i would say 'fragile' wouldn't be welcome in stampville lol