Casey Printers

This is for all the idiots who don't think Casey Printers does anything for hometown or the world, or isn't a good ambassador for the CFL, so watch and learn he does alot of things. Hope this teaches people not to make rumours about him being a cancer and what not in the locker room.

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Thank you

A Dedicated Ti Cat Fan

Who cares? Aren't you a dedicated Ti Cat fan, not a dedicated Printers fan?
Also this doesn't prove that he was not a locker room cancer or anything. Its not fans just made stuff up out of no where. In BC the first go around he clearly was. A few players come out and say no, a few come out and say yes. He can do all this stuff he wants and thats great, doesnt prove a thing and isnt really relevant to anything right now anyway. Whats the point

Some guru made a bunch of money selling this guy a bill of goods. Now this guy believes he's a leader and a motivator and that he can also make a bunch of money buy selling a book and his website to other fools. This 9-minute video program started out with the introduction of three guests. The second guest did get in a couple of very quick thoughts around the 3-minute mark and the third guest managed to say "hello" and then 9 minutes later "goodbye." The rest, about 90% of the show, was all guest #1 - Mister Me. He approached the interview just like he approached quarterbacking the Tiger-Cats.

I agree, with ottawacat.


He was self centered when he was here. How he was in the locker room, I don't know, but off the field he was always a me-first type person.

That youtube video proves nothing.

Didn't watch the video, but I still maintain that he did nothing while he was here to make me think he was a cancer or a "me" guy at all. He was always very nice and he seemed to support his teammates from the sidelines even when he was pulled. Can't fault the guy because we were dumb enough to pay him WAY more than he was worth at the time.

He ticked me off with his ridiculous dance, but from all the things I've seen he is a decent guy.

casey is a me-first guy, knows nothing about being a leader or stepping up.
you should hear what many of the players say about him.
casey is the last guy i'd want to hear about team-building from, or about dealing with adversity.
i must admit, i was surprised he managed the maelstrom that was ivor wynne.
i am not surprised he chunked at the big o in montreal the week after.
and i am not surprised he is 2-20 as a starter since his return from the nfl.
i will be mildly surprised if he's the no. 1 guy in vancouver next year.

I am pretty sure that Casey did not behave badly
towards his team-mates when he was a Tiger Cat,

but it became evident, as the losses kept piling up

that he couldn't bring himself to share the blame
for the team's failings because of his big ego.

With that, and the fact he made so much money,
several of his team-mates were probably put off,

but if Casey had made a passable chicken salad out of chicken****
and the Tiger Cats ended up winning close to half their games,

imo, most of his team-mates would have lived with his ego.


IMO, Scott Mitchell likely wanted Casey Printers out of here
and fan-favourite Quinton Porter in, for marketing purposes.

IMO, Obie may have been able to live with Casey another year
if he hadn't been able to secure the veteran Kevin Glenn.

He didn't release him after all until 2 or 3 months after the season.

I was still surprised that they released him before they had another veteran lined up. I would have thought they'd have wanted to bring Casey to camp at least as an insurance policy against injuries to the other QBs. I bear no malice towards Casey but it speaks volumes that they cut him loose before they had any other veteran QB locked up.

That he was released before a veteran back up was secured
speaks more to the tremendous money that Casey was making.