Casey Printers

I'll be the first to admit I lost some respect for Printers after the "cell-phone incident" a few weeks back, but I think he's making a believer out of me again. Did anyone else notice him on the sidelines? He couldn't wait to play. I didn't see any pouting when Dickenson came in, and when it was Printers' turn to QB again, he seemed to be so pumped up.....this guy just wants to play ball. I'm not completely converted, but it is in the works.....

I think he's in image damage control. How he acts in the offseason while "exploring his options" will tell the true tale of his attitude. Still, the guy can play ball.

exscuse me , at halftime he was pouting outside the dressing room ,NOT WITH HIS TEAM, AND BOUNO HAD TO MAKE HIM COME BACK IN, yah what leader...

he wants the ball in a big game.....

but you dont pout like a little baby

pouting at halftime, eh? never saw that, I must have been getting a beer. was that shown on TV or did you read that from somewhere RNR?

who cares....shows hes a firery competitor....he wants to carry his team when the game is on the line.

nelone greene goes into hiding when the going gets tough.
for sask to have anychance of beating montreal, they need crandel.

lol, no it doesnt, it shows me a whiney baby, thats pouting when he gets taken out of the game for playing like crap......... jason maas wouldnt do that , because hes a TEAM player

jason maas likes having checks handed to him for doing nothing...printers wants to EARN his pay.

yah, well Terell Owens is a 'fiery competitor' .. is that bringing the eagles together when the game is on the line? There is a difference between wanting to compete and being a distraction.

no esquimax.... farhan lalji saw him out there and bouno had to drag him back in......... good try esquimax... good try

jason maas knows he is not the started and is not gonna hurt the team by whining like casey(whaaaaaaaaaa) printers

good try?, what do you mean?

i'd take printers on my team anyday.
atleast i know he cares.

Heres a comment on the Terrel Owens situation. Last week when the Eagles were getting beat by the Broncos 28-7 at half, it was Owens who had the big touchdown reception. Then he had another big catch to set up another toucdown.
Owens got 100 touchdowns, and was not even recognized. I think he has the right to be upset.

........yup, and if he had been a team player at the beginning of the season he would have been royally rewarded for're correct, he has the right to be upset, and with his outspoken actions the Eagles have every right to sit is pompous a$$ out for the remainder of the season.........


I agree. It's distracting enough when a wide receiver cries every time a pass gets thrown to someone else.

But when a backup quarterback whines and pouts because the #1 guy is in the game? There is no excuse for that. Quarterbacks have to be leaders.

Wanting to be in the game is one thing, but when that's more important than the game itself, well, maybe he doesn't belong there. It's obvious he belongs on a team that cares more about the players' feelings than about winning football games.

Printers is a very selfish individual. I heard that once Buono told him that DD was gonna start in the second half, he didn't want to go the dressing room for ten minutes. I think Printers and Owens have this exact same selfish personality.

.....all I was saying is that the guy wants to play.....

.....T.O. is an ass.....always thought so.....that Favre comment proves it.....self-centred s.o.b. is he.....