Casey Printers....

Now that Casey Printers agent has said he's done with BC do you think the riders should make an attempt to get his rights and sign him, trade for him or just pray to good Crandell's good enough for now. Personally i would trade KK and Greene to BC for him but I'm just a big Holmes fan and think he's a better player than KK anyway.

i think the bombers should take him whos our best qb......michna?

you are right about holmes and kk

I would not want Printers to come untill next year. bringing him in now just shakes crandells confidence, and disrupts the locker room. Imagine playing on the team and late in the year they bring in some hot shot young QB with an attitude. I know I wouldn't like it. Shivers isn't stupid he wouldn't do it.

As for KK and Holmes. I think KK is the better runner, Holmes is obviously more versitile and all around player. I'm quite content with keeping them both. Hopefully they can both reach 1000 yds. Kieth is on pace, and Holmes is on pace for 950ish. Definetly possible.

No way we could afford him...and hes got NFL happy eyes anyway..Maas would be more logical... but I doubt edm would deal to us

my opinion is that we should attempt to sign him ASAP! :mrgreen: sure he wants to play in the NFL, but most football players do for the money :wink: its either play in the CFL or a 3rd stringer in the NFL with clip board :stuck_out_tongue: he is the QB of the future for any CFL team :!: SIGN SIGN SIGN :mrgreen: GO RIDERS GO!!

I would have to disagree with you, the Riders could afford him. If you can bring in a guy who has the best shot at bringing your team a home playoff game, then there is your revenue to pay for him right there, and more. He would also bring out alot more fans, so over the course of a season, the increase in gate revenue would more than cover his salary.

As the old saying goes, “Spend money to make money.” Until the Rider organization stops complaining about a cap and join the winning teams, the Riders willl never have a winning attitude. I used to cry for the cap as well, and even if it does happen in some way shape or form, it will never be enough for the Riders management and board to be happy anyway.

My opinion.

I almost totally agree with Billy on this, except sometimes I wonder about some of the things that Shivers has done. All in all, he's been right much more often than not tho, so I guess I shouldn't complain.

Besides, if the riders were ready to give Burris 300K/year, they should be in at least the ballpark for Printers.

you guys couldnt afford a hay bale

RunnealoRun couldn't afford spell check........

I don't think BC would want Nealon Greane or another Running back. Probably some O-linemen. I'm guessing Wally would deal him to the East rather than in the West. The Newspapers said Wally could exercise Printers option year next year if he doesn't go to the NFL. So he would be more "trade bait" than a free agent signing.

Just so you guys know. The riders are well over the Cap. So we have no right to cry about the cap. We are probably not as high as some, but we are definetly way over.
And I am not just guessing here. I know this as a cold hard fact

What’s that saying…If you don’t cheat, your’re not trying to win!

Yup Everyones over, but with the right deal who knows!

Nope. I am saying that we can't complain about people going over the cap, because that would be the proverbial pot calling the kettle black.
I still think a reasonable cap should be implemented and the Everyone should have to abide by. But as it stands now, we have no right to complain about.

I personally absolutely hate cheating. I am not saying that I am not guilty of it in some things, but that doesn't mean I condone it, or think that "If you don't cheat, your're not trying to win! " I think that is a horrible attitude, and unfortunately the CFL does nothing to prevent this.

and yes we could afford printers. there is money in our coffers. There would be a hell of a lot more if we could ever get a damn home playoff game.

Billy, I've heard that "If you don't cheat your're not trying to win " slogan by a lot of teams in various sports.

Not wanting to open a different cans of worms, how often have you seen a coach (Pick a team and pick a sport) get into the ear of the Referee / Official / Umpire, to plead a case in his favour.

I agree with you on certain cheatin points...Ben Johnson and Steroids, I guess I should have rephrased that quote to mean something along the line of getting an edge.

Yes you could afford Printers.....I'd just prefer him in the East so it doesn't come back to bite us in the butt! (How many times has that happened it Sports!)

I just cant see them realistically offering Printers the so called 500,000 plus… him or his agent is asking…Would I love to have Printers? you bet our Gophers ass I would… Can you Imagine what he could do with a real O-Line and a running attack?? … ahh thanx I needed that :slight_smile:

First off do you really think Printers is worht a possible 500,000 to 600,000 a season? He did not show much in the game he played this year. Just wondering he would be good for Winnipeg that needs a good QB.

You cant dispute he is in the top 3 QB's in the League, you dont throw for
5000 yards and Win MVP for being a schmuck, the guy has inury problems,due to being behind a piss poor O Line... he was a wounded duck in that Rider game and eventually had to leave after aggravating his shoulder.. Is he worth 500,000 plus? Thats hard to say, whats Ray getting paid? 400,000? He's every bit as good as Ray, although lacking the Grey Cup BLing BLing around his finger...maybe 350-400,000 is more realistic

Printers thinks he's worth $500,000 a season.

And him thinking that, or at least his agent saying that's what he thinks he's worth is really making him look bad from what I've seen/heard.

As an aside, why bother bringing Printers to Saskatchewan when his receivers can't catch a ball anyways? How many very catchable balls did those idiots drop last night?? With Nealon it was because they were typically thrown behind the dudes, but now, it's almost like they're still not used to the ball being where it's sposed to be..... or, well, I dunno. They should really be holding onto the ball better. Sure, I can't catch better, but I'm not paid to catch a football.

If I was not doing my job correctly more than half of the time, I'd most likely be attempting to do my job somewhere else fairly soon.

I dont want Printers in Sask ? ? ? ? if he was any good he would be helping the Lions WIN not just thinking of himself and then wory about a lucarative contract ( hello Henry )