Casey Printers......

That Porter kid looked good, Richie Williams is talented and can win games. Yet Printers (who is injury prone and inconsitant keeps getting the starts) I only wonder if his contract is keeping him starting cuz 500k is an expensive backup.

I think they should try and trade printers and if not then release him after this year.....was a good player but not capable of leading a stuggling team. IMO

Hard to trade $500k. Who's going to pick him up? Although BC would probably excel with him. But they're not going to give Hamilton one of their Defensive front 4 or one of their 3 recievers.

Hey if there is a positive, Printers has looked much better then earlier in the season.

True...i guess its more along the lines of the Jesse Lumsden where him and printers have all kinds of talent but just can't put a string of starts together to get real momentum and confidence