Casey Printers

Printers=fantastic athlete
Fantastic athletes=make mistakes too
Interceptions=DBs returning the ball
DBs returning the ball=QB who threw it has a chance for the tackle
QB that puts so little effort in to the attempted tackle=Printers
Printers=does not give a crap if the ball gets returned for a TD

I have watched football for years and years, and I have never seen a QB put so little effort in to tackling than Printers.
Now Danny Mac just was not plain fast enough, but he would try.
Some other past TiCat QBs would just try to lay a beating out of frustration on the DB.
Printers puts so little effort in to it, and it shows by the amount of picks that have gone for majors recently.
Come-on show some guts and dedication and tackle the friggin guy for once....or at least touch him!!

I'm a big Casey fan...but you're right.

He reminds me of Ozzie when a punt/kick was being returned. Ozzie always had that look of, "Boy, I sure wish I was sitting in Box I right now."

You are right with Ozzie.
When a snap went over his head he had that look of love for the box seats as well

You are right about Casey Printers it shows poor leadership and a failure to accept responsibility for his actions "let someone else do it " attitude .Printers needs to understand that he has to lead by example, by him at least legitimately trying to make the tackle after he so poorly threw it, shows he cares enough to win! To me the kicker was in the fourth quarter after throwing his fourth interception he starts laughing on the way to the sidelines with Jason Goss ,like it meant nothing to him that he just blew the game.A true professional QB would not dare to be seen laughing off those picks.Printers needs to be humbled by his coach and fellow teamates after that fiasco of a game that we desperately needed to win!!!!!!!

Printers telegraphed both passes and made weak throws also. We love the high risk low reward offense.

For all of you who think that Casey Printers played a great game than you must not no what a great QB does for his team.Printers completed 14 passes out of 30 attempts,throws poorly thrown balls for 4 interceptions 2 for Tds, fails to protect the ball for a crucial fumble that kills our hopes for a victory and any playoff chance,does not lookoff his recievers and telegrahs his throws into tight coverages all night long,makes his o-lineman look terrible when it is mostly his fault by taking too long to decide if he is going to pass or run around .These are not the charcteristics of a good QB but of a below average Qb who has not performed upto his OWN bragging ,Casey it is not what you say but what you do that people care about.Danny Mcmanus always praised others and took all of the blame if things were not working out.Casey it is time to "SHUTUP and PLAY and start winning BABY " !

I jumped all over Printers Sat night, saying that he was arrogant and gave the impression that he had to do it all by himself that those around him were not capable of winning, or at least helping the cause. I got attacked by fellow fans that I was out of line and that Casey was indeed the saviour of this team. I don't see it. He has flashes but then his arrogance gets in the way and he makes stupid mistakes that others called "heart plays" like the last fumble of the game. Signed confused

4 no 5turnovers by qb is is not going to win games.If not for there turn overs game is a BLOW OUTTTTT

Points off turn overs, Hamilton 27 Edm 24, the turn overs were not a factor overall.

There are alot of passionate fans on this site and thats why the emotions are all over the place. I myself thought there were definite signs of improvements on this team however Casey does not hide where he is going to throw the ball as soon as the ball is hiked. It appears that he might need some lessons on that and to read the defensive end more. Having Danny M as an assistant is definitely a plus and he will hopefully guide our QB on those issues.

I actually remember Ozzie already walking to the sidelines with his head down and not even seeing that a returner was passing by him

they are the reason we lost the game. they are a major factor considering if we didnt give them up we win easy. Nobody in edmonton is congratulating ricky ray on his performance. when you score that much off turnovers you lose if you just give it right back, and thats what casey did.

My point was, these points were a wash. The positive has been missed I believe. As I see it Casey was asked to use his legs to relieve the O line’s burden. He did a masterful job of getting outside the DE on each of his runs, thereby eliminating the blitz’s. Yes he tossed 4 INTS but he also gave us the opportunity to win and that is positive in every way. Every football game is broken down into each play as it occurs and each play determines the decision made for the next play. Other words if perfection was achieved every time there would be no point playing the game.

gave us the opportunity to win? he is the reason we lost. He should have been yanked after his second pick.

Well we differ in opinion, I believe he gives us the best opportunity to win of the 4 QB's we currently have under contract.

I agree with that, but he cost us the game on saturday night with his mistakes

Cool ! I saw it has he played well enough to keep us in the game until the last minute.

He didn't just stand there
after he threw the interception.

Casey made a quite a great effort
to get to the man, blackandgld.

He pursued the ball carrier,
and got in front of him.

I have seen very few QBs
get in position like he did.

He got twisted around
and lost the man.

Tackling is far from
his area of expertise

He was definitely badly
out of his element, I admit,

not unlike 99% of QBs.

LOL. Take away the points printers caused and handed to them and we win going away. This ones on him. That final drive by casey is the stuff of legends.

Lets do that but from both sides 38-24= 14 Edmonton 33-27=6 Hamilton gee we still lost! So lets say the ref makes the interference call and we take away one more for Edmonton that makes it 7-6 them, damn I knew we should have gone for the two point convert lol