Casey Printers

What do you think abouts Casey Printers' situation?

Casey? Is that you?


How do you replace a QB (DD) who's 75% passing completion and 7-0 winning record?

Casey will get his chance. With the pounding Dickenson is taking, Casey will be in soon.

6 - 0, Casey won one of those.

Sorry, Casey did not win one game. The defence did. The game would have been won early if Dickenson had started. Casey's timing was off, which can only be expected, but let's not pretend he was so great that game.

Whatever, CFLrocks2005. If Dickenson was playing that game would people be saying that he shouldn't get credit for the win? C'mon - the starting QB always gets some of the credit, and this is no exception. Printers was playing that game; ergo, it makes perfect sense that he should be granted the win like any other QB would have been. . .

No, he won it. If Duncan O'Mahony hits on two missed FG's that were long drives by Casey and the Offence the game is won by 11 points and very convincingly. For a guy who hadn't played since the WDF, including no reps in the pre season. Casey did pretty darn good.

The Casey Printers situation is a very difficult one. You have to feel for they guy. I believe he is the most talented quarterback to come into the league after Warren Moon and Doug Flutie. I don't believe, in any way, that he was a one year wonder. Sure, teams started to pick up some tendancies, but with more experience, he would have more than counteracted those changes, and often did even though he had very little CFL experience. He was the leagues MVP and deserved to be.

Since the Western final its been all downhill. First, he wasn't named the starter in the Grey Cup game even though he deserved to be. In the very least, with Dickensen only throwing for a hundred yards in the last three quarters, he deserved the chance to play. He also played with a painful toe injury last year, which makes his accomplishments even more amzing.

He didn't get a chance to train in the off-season due to the injury, developed a painful throwing shoulder due to the lack of off-season training, didn't get a chance to compete in training camp, and the only way he will really be able to play this season is either on a limited basis or just take a month off at least to rest the arm. On top of that he's just come down with the flu. His agent should have recommended that he take the Leos contract offer. He's young and got bad advice.

Competition brings out the best in people. Dave Dickenson is partly having the excellent year that he is is due to the fact that he trained in the off-season like he never has before in order to beat Printers out at training camp.
Printers, in part, played so well last year, because he was very focused for a young quarterback and the reason he was so focused was Dickenson was chomping at the bit to play.

Of course Dickensen should be the starting quarterback right now. I don't believe that Printers could even play two games in a row with his throwing arm as sore as it is. Before the season began I liked the fact the Leos had both quarterbacks and thought it would be best, t the end of this season to trade Dickenson and keep Printers for the long term success of the Leos. My reasoning was that Printers would have a second year under his belt, his potential was enormous, and Dickenson would be 34 years old, with some knee injuries.

The way things have developed I've changed my mind. It may not be possible but I now wish the Leos could keep both quarterbacks for another year (next year) It would make the decision easier.

Right now the Leos have two great quarterbacks...a brilliant one who is aging and a young one who could set the league on fire for years to come.
Based upon Printers injury this year both quarterbacks now have had injury problems. It would be very hard to make a long term decision based upon the situation as it exists presently. However, there is no question that Dickenson is playing well and it would be great to see him complete his contract with the Leos next year and then see how things are. At the same time I'd really hate to lose Printers and need to keep him until we see him play again when he's healthy.

Outside of the Dickenson/Printers situation I'd love to see Buck Pearce get some playing time against Hamilton.

I think it is only fair to either let Printers and Dickenson go after this year. They are both starters and the CFL should not be deprived of that. I would love to see Pierce get some game action but it's probably won't happen this season.

I agree with you Lionbacker....they are both starters as you said. Guess I 'm being selfish about the Leos rather than the league. It would also be fair to provide both the opportuntiy to start, unless both wanted to stay.

As for Pierce, I really believe we're going to see him play a little...with Printers injury I think the Leos will try to get him a few game time reps if they possibley can.

Excuse me.............CASEY WON THAT GAME

Clermonts... no team wins a game without a capable guy pulling the trigger but even the best QB can't win without a team around him not even Casey Printers.

The Casey Printers situation is a tough one for a guy who did what he did last year. The perils of a back up with injuries and illness takes some pressure off the no. 1 guy and just might buy some more time in keeping the back up guy relatively happy. I am not sure that it will give the Lions a year after this to keep the top 2 QBs happy as both no doubt will want to play.

Despite what Casey might say for us to hear, this has to be an awful spot to be in for a guy who did so much on the field last year and who has so much talent and potential to be one of the best this league has ever seen. It is hard to keep perspective in situations like that as everyone makes comparisons no matter what they say. People do that at work every day whether it is good or not. I know I did it during my corporate executive days when I looked at my pay pack and the contributions of my division and myself to corporate success versus what the other clowns were hauling down due to seniority and longevity.

So what's in it for CP other than putting in a year as a backup and doing all that they ask of you and be ready if they need you?

It can't be the money as he turned down the reported $1 m offer for three year. If he is getting the $65,000 or so that is reported how can he be really happy when he considers how much the starter is getting?

It can be the opportunity to be on a Grey Cup team this year even if not playing.

It can be saving his battered body for a more desirable playing situation next year thus giving meaning to taking a look at his situation from a career perspective, not just a single season. That might be a bad analogy as how many men do you know who saved their virginity for some future opportunity or better situation but who knows what's in the mind of Casey?

It might be that he strongly believes that for him or the starter this will be the last year together here, and that no matter what both will be starters somewhere next year. This is more plausible a reason for his acceptance of his current situation in BC right now. He also gets a chance to heal and then next year a new situation one way or the other.

The coach in the Sun this morning said he was happy with all four QBs here as they were not only good players but good people too so that is positive for Casey. He is not the first person to be in a situation like this. Warren Moon, Damon Allen, Matt Dunigan and Jeff Garcia all come to mind but Casey is likely the first player in any league to go from MOP to backup in less than a year. I guess there might be others somewhere in pro sports.

One of the tough decisions in coaching is who to keep as backups. Those guys on the bench have to almost have better characters than the guys playing regularly. They can be disruptive forces on a team if unhappy or unaccepting of their roles, especially when the margin of difference between the starter and backup is so small it becomes debatable. The difference in a players minds is always going to be small when they make comparisons but the issue there is if they make it a public issue rather than a private matter that is known only to themselves.

I took over a mens soccer team with six games to go in the regular season and this team was 0 and 12. I watched their 12th loss and was horrified by what was going on. I brought in some new guys asap and changed a lot. We went 2-2-2 and had to play the top team twice in 6 games. The coach who gave me the reigns never played one sub who I thought deserved some time especially as they lost ever damn game!!! I got him some time in all games that year despite the importance of winning to avoid the final relegation spot. The next season he came back and I continued to give him time in all games. Half way through the next year - after a new guy filled this guys head with "play me or trade me" crap - I had no end of problems despite me reminding him that he got time in every game since I started coaching and he never played for the other coach at all, and now we have a better group of guys and are winning!!!

It is a matter of perception and how you handle it and Casey has one of the biggest challenges of his pro career this year. In football, as in life, there is no immaculate perception. Too often in life we err in believing that our perception is reality rather than it is our personal view of the situation at hand and that others' perceptions may have equal or better validity than ours.

I suspect that Casey has a lot of support on the Lion's team as players there seem loyal to their starter, Dave Dickenson, and equally as loyal to Casey if he starts, as they have shown in the past. The coaches are supportive and seem to go the extra mile in practice to ensure reps for all QBs including 3 and 4 who can be forgotten on a lot of teams. You get a sense watching Lion's training that the hierarchy and depth chart in the teams doesn't mean you aren't of value to the team even if you are on the practice roster.

I have known supposedly good coaches who never wanted to see an injured player around the team! Jack Donahue, Canada's national basketball coach made an injured guy room at a school dorm on a floor by himself one summer as he was not yet part of the team. The guy had told him he was not yet ready to play all out but the coach said for him to join the team no matter what. This was in a year prior to the '76 Olympics where the player did actually come back and play in Montreal. Do you think that guy's team mates respected that decision? No, but the player was a great guy and said all the right things to the team to not allow it to be a distraction to them. He just said he liked the quiet where he was the only resident on that empty dorm floor!

For Casey's sake and peace of mind this year, I hope he can continue to find positive things in his season and be ready for the call as you never know what might happen in football or in life. To look at how the Warren Moon's and Damon Allen's handled their early years are two pretty fine role models for both success and longevity. Few of us or anyone will recall their early years sitting in the wings as they must have handled their situations professionally and without public criticism. Casey could have worse role models to look up than these two, but none with the success both Moon and Allen have enjoyed over the entire careers in pro football.

Pierce-I learned a lot about perseverance. Things aren’t always going to go your way. I’ve become so much more aware of the realities of the game and life…Things can be taken away from you. You can either sit back…or overcome it and fight through it....

Despite what Casey might say for us to hear, this has to be an awful spot to be in for a guy who did so much on the field last year and who has so much talent and potential to be one of the best this league has ever seen. It is hard to keep perspective in situations like that
Wow....what an impressive post Football 16....I've now read it four times. Your ability to percieve the mind of a young, talented football player in this situation is amazing!

Sometimes there is a tendancy to compare Casey Printers with Dave Dickenson because both were competing for the starting quarterback position. To compare them is like comparing apples and oranges. Casey Printers had one full year as a pro as a third string quarterback with very liittle playing time. He was thrust into the role of starting quarterback with almost no CFL playing experience and won the MVP award of the league in leading his team into the Grey Cup.

Dave Dickenson has a lot of CFL experience with Calgary and NFL experience before he returned to the CFL with the Lions. They are at very different stages in their careers as well as having different playing styles. Sometimes I really believe the comparisons are unfair. The only way you really could properly compare them would be to give them a similaramount of pro playing experience.

While Casey Printers has gotten frustrated a couple of times. overall I admire the way he has handled a difficult situation for a young man who is a young colt who just wants to play. Patience is something that is aquired as one gets older. I think he has shown a lot of maturity. I believe, as you said, the key for Casey Printers is he wants to know the organization wants him as their future starter. With his injury the matter will probably determined at the end of this season.

As you skillfully pointed out the key is their happiness and their outlook and its impact on the team.

You're right...I stand corrected!

The point I made earlier was not to discredit Casey. I love watching him play. What I meant was, I think we would have won that game whether Printers or Dickenson was playing. In fact, Printers was rusty, and will be rusty until he gets over his injuries and gets some reps. I just hate to see people put him on a pedestal while the number 1 guy is winning every game and has an incredible 75% completion average. I love to see Casey perform again like he did early last year, but you simply can't criticize and bench Dave when he is doing everything and more than he is called to do. Lets focus on how successful this team is, even without a FG kicker, rather than play into the media's attempts to stur up controversy. I've been a fan since 1962 and have seen too many losing seasons. Enjoy the present.

Yes, I wore out so many paperbags in those very bad years, enjoy the good times when it is here!

Casey will get his chance....Like I tell my Grandkids...Be patient!

You're right Sportsmen.......Casey will get his chance this year. I'd rather he give his rotator cuff injury a month off without throwing an really be ready for the end of the season in case Dickenson does get injured.

There are many reasons why attendance is back strong at B.C. Place. A winning team, an exciting offence, excellent management and coaching, a defence that is starting to also get fans out of their seats. However, we shouldn't forget the role Casey Printers played last year in helping bring in the fans. Many new people to Lions football came out to watch the Leos last year to watch this new, exciting, dynamic young quarterback named Casey Printerswho was the talk of the league. They saw the Lions product and many became new fans. Printers also helped bring a lot of younger fans to the game.

Perhaps the renewed interest would have happened anyway...its hard to say but certainly it wouldn't have happened so soon without Casey Printers.

Last year we counted on Dickenson and Printers became the story. This year many counted on Printers and Dickenson has become a major story of the season. Count us lucky for the past two years that we had both of them.

I don't think things would have turned out as well last year if we didn't have Printers. Wynn was pretty good, but I don't think he was good enough to lead the team to the finals, or an 8 (7? can't remember right now) game winning streak. Considering how fickle the Vancouver fans are in every sport except hockey, if the Lions had lost early in the playoffs, I don't think we would have seen the resurgence. Why are they opening up the upper balcony? The Leos are on a 7, soon to be 8-game winning streak, and that has the people pumped.

Maybe I'm just a cynic, but that's the way I see it.

I don't get it, Lions tickets $15-$50 per seat; Canucks: $100+ per seat yet the Canucks sell out, and the Lions barely get 15,000 prior to last year. WTF is up with that?

There are many reasons why attendance is back strong at B.C. Place. A winning team, an exciting offence, excellent management and coaching, a defence that is starting to also get fans out of their seats. However, we shouldn't forget the role Casey Printers played last year in helping bring in the fans. Many new people to Lions football came out to watch the Leos last year to watch this new, exciting, dynamic young quarterback named Casey Printerswho was the talk of the league. They saw the Lions product and many became new fans. Printers also helped bring a lot of younger fans to the game.
Last year was my first year actually watching the CFL, and I was hooked. My Dad hadn't watched it for quite a few years, either (More then 10, I believe), and I got him back into watching it. Now we try to watch every CFL game that we can. I tried getting into NFL, but when I fell asleep before halftime on the Superbowl..

At the start of the season I REALLY wanted to see Casey play, because last season I hadn't seen much of Dickenson (Except the Grey Cup game, which sort of soured my look on him), so I wasn't too big of a Dickenson fan the first few games. The fact that he had been getting sacked so many times didn't help, but as the season progressed, I began to like Dickenson as much as Casey. Although I don't think Casey will be around the CFL much longer, he probably wants to get into the NFL. Whether Dickenson stays and starts next season, or Casey, I'll most likely be happy. I'm also going to buy a BC Lions hat (Tired of wearing my Dad's hat from like.. '67..) and a jersey on Saturday. When I stopped in at the store, all they had were blank ones, Geroy Simon ones, and a Printers jersey. I'm hoping they have more, that I didn't look hard enough. :stuck_out_tongue: