Casey Printers

Just saw Casy Printers playing tonight against Miami, and he looked realy good thrown for 126 yards in passing set up to felid goles, and looked he was in control tonight, if he keeps playing this way he will not be back in our league. As i told everybody else the lions were stupid to let him walk, just like doug fluite left in 92. Know he is going to be the one that got away, and would have turned this city on twice as much as it is know, And the cfl,

Just look haow bad our depth of Quaterbacking is know in our league, its a joke.

Way to go Cassie , through it back into these peoples face who said that you would be in the CFL in a year.

What is Quaterbacking?

Definition:1. quater

a quarter of an ounce in weed terms....
2. quater

2 eights of grass ranges from 50 to 100 dollars depending on quality of budd

Maybe your puffing to much weed if you think C.P. would be back here again.That bridge got burned right after he left.

I am not saying he is coming here all i am saying is that he is going to stay in the nfl, there was a vote on the kansas city chiefs website yesturday, of who should be the number 1 quaterback, and cassy was voted to number 2, if that is the case he will not be back in th cfl, for a long time, if ever.

I doubt he'll ever be, he was a cancer with the Lions and I doubt he'd want to come back. He gets his huge salary to hold a clipboard and that's all Casey wants.

OK Dups - first thing is, Casey is not now and never will be half the QB or human being that Flutie was and is. And by the way, I recall you are a bit of a young guy, do you even remember who the owner and GM was when Flutie left the Lions? And how the whole thing went down?

Explain that you know what you are talking about and then we’ll see if your post is worth reponding to further.

In the meantime, Forget about Casey Printers -I’ll bet the Lions wouldn’t take him back even if he wanted to come - he was simply a poison to the team.

BC offered more money but Printers was determined to go to the NFL regardless of money. No CFL team can sign up Printers.

CP is a cry baby. Lions offered him $1 million over 3 years to resign (good money for CFL) and turned it down.

I guess C.P SHOWED THEM. Right back to the CFL.

When I first heard that BC was one of the teams interested in signing Printers, I was hoping that Printers wouldn't be foolish enough to go back there with Wally Buono still at the helm. Buono treated Printers like absolute garbage while he played there. Printers got the team to the Grey Cup game, only to have Buono yank him and put Dickinson in for the big game (talk about gross favouritism!!). I was SO furious! To this day, I have hated Buono and I no longer watch BC games as long as he's still the coach. I hope that Printers has a huge game every time that Hamilton faces BC! We can then watch Buono cry in the wind!! OK, Casey... here's your chance at some well deserved revenge!!

Buck Pierce owns Casey Printers sux0rz