Casey Printers

So is Printers going to end up in our league? Does anyone have any news on him. Last I heard he signed a new 3 year contract with KC, but I just can't see him sticking with them. So the question remains, does he want to try for another contract as a 3rd string QB or come back up here and actually play while making some 1/2 decent money?

He wants to stay there , it’s his dream . He’s not going to give up after one season .

KC said they wanted to assign Casey to NFL Europe this Spring. If he did real good, KC or another team might want him, but at best as a backup or 3rd stringer. If he bombed in Hamburg, KC might release Casey and he could tryout for another NFL team or come to the CFL, or Arena ball.

He has given up a lot of money by not taking the Lions offer in 2005, over half a million. His salary in the NFL was only $90k on the Practice squad and he was only activated for one game, despite signing three 3-year contracts last year. He was to receive a "six-figure" bonus for making the opening day roster, but KC cut Casey just before their first regular season game.


  1. KC has no plans to send Printers to Europe

  2. Casey's BC deals in 2005 were a joke .... until Wally panicked at Christmas 2005

  3. Casey was activated twice in 2006 in KC ... including very late in the year .... and at the expense of a Chief key player

I recognize ur handle as being ... a Casey slammer .... you prolly recognize mine as being a ... Dickenson slammer


Printers will not play in the CFL in 2007 without him for some reason requesting it(not gonna happen)

I think Casey Printers is staying in the US of A for at least a couple more years... I heard he signed a new 2 year deal... Any truth to this?

Casey has the same deal he got in Jan 2006
The NFL has a weird policy ... everytime u move from PR to roster and back .... u legally/technically ... sign a new deal

What happens to him is just guessing right now ... after the NFL combine ... and draft ... there may be new rumours

oh, ok thanks. I didnt know that...

I see some NFL mock drafts have KC taking a QB in the first round. Not necessarily what will happen, but there must be some rumblings that the Chiefs aren't happy with their QB situation.

It appears KP will remain in the NFL at least until he gets cut by the Chiefs or exhausts other possibilities.
Otherwise it made more sense to play and make more money here in the CFL. He knew there were several teams interested and probably there would have been a bidding war with the Argos, Ticats and Winnipeg.
I suspect he would have gotten top dollar ala Ray and Dickenson at around $450,000 per year and quite possibly more from the Argos, this being the GC year.

I have to admit, that if I had Trent Green @ QB right now, because of his age and that horrible concussion he had in the middle of the season that I would be kinda iffy on my situation too... However, Brodie Croyle is supposed to be a decent QB, so we'll see...

I doubt he is concerned with his NFL salary .. Probably more concerned about the NFL pension he can receive if he can manage a roster spot for two more seasons .. Then he can come back to the CFL if he so chooses, and play until he's in his 40s.


If CP makes an active roster he'll make more in one season than a career in the CFL so that will motivate him to keep trying to make the NFL. He's only a couple of injuries away from starting.

That would be considered "bush league" if it was a CFL rule, but not an NFL rule. Anyway ... I doubt we'll see Casey back here within the next couple of years. I seem to remember hearing something about a 3-year deal with KC, myself.

Casey ... KC ... arrrrrgh!

Uh No. A printers Toronto deal would be worth over 400 000 USD. More than the NFL minumum. Add a few years to that contract and hes making a total that is quite a lot more than a season in the NFL. I understand the point you are trying to make but its not that cut and dry. Printers is in a unique situation. Many believe, why waste time on a bench for a fraction of dough? I suppose his dream is to make a starter and get the millions you are talking of, but that's far from just making the active roster.

I think in his mind , he thinks of being exactly that , a starter in the future. His goal is not to stay in at #3 . He may have that in his sights now , but I think he's seeing that as a stepping stone to get as high up as possible. And that would be starting and the big money that goes with it .Most QBs down there have to climb the ladder , they aren't awarded starting spots just like that .